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Book Reviews Huge catalog of books. Search for books by author, title, subject, or keyword. Most books have reviews.

Barnes and Noble Another large, searchable catalog of books, most with reviews.

BookNotes Transcripts of interviews by authors searchable by name, book title, and keyword.

New York Review of Books Free, searchable archive of some lengthy book reviews.

New York Times Book Review Complete text of every book review since 1996. The first time on the site, you must register. Links to published book reviews of a wide range of books. Use the search feature or the site map.

[more] A complete listing of reviews from newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other sources plus book notes, analyses, and summaries of books.


Project Gutenberg The Internet’s oldest producer of free electronic books.

Online Books Page Links to thousands of free online books. From University of Pennsylvania.

Perseus Digital Library Classic texts online. From the Department of the Classics, Tufts University.

Bartleby: Great Books Online Many searchable books online, including Harvard Classics, Oxford Book of English Verse 1250–1900, Modern Essays, and much, much more categorized under Reference, Verse, Fiction, and Non-Fiction.

Classic Reader a large collection of free classic books by authors such as Dickens, Austen, Shakespeare.

Great Books Index An index to online great books in English translation.

National Academies Press Thousands of books issued by the National Research Council and the national academies of science, engineering, and medicine.

Internet Public Library: Books Online Links to more books online.

Internet Book List A database of thousands of works of fiction, providing information about authors and their works.

California Digital Library: Advanced Search Find academic books available online by clicking “public access books” before doing the search.

Google: Book Search Search for text inside published books.

See also Literature.


Atlantic Online Searchable, complete text of issues (current and past) of this well-respected magazine.

Dissent Complete text of issues from this leftist, intellectual magazine.

Nation Free selected, searchable articles from liberal weekly magazine.

National Review Free selected, searchable articles from conservative bi-weekly magazine.

New Yorker Selected articles and archive.

Politico An online political magazine.

Reason Free browsable and searchable archives of libertarian magazine.

Salon A political and cultural online magazine.

Slate An online political magazine with searchable archives (published by Microsoft).

TomPaine.common sense An e-journal of ideas, opinions, and analyses of controversial public issues. Daily technology news and the digital home of Wired magazine.

World Press Review Opinions and news from the world’s newspapers and magazines.

Link Collections of Magazines:

Yahoo Directory: U.S. Political Magazines

Google Directory: U.S. Political Magazines and E-zines


Scholarly Journals

Directory of Open Access Journals Free, full text, quality-controlled scientific and scholarly journals. Almost 1,000 journals are listed and over 1,000 of them are searchable for articles.

Project Muse Titles from university presses, scholarly societies, and journals.

Law Reviews Online A listing of law reviews that make their content available online.

Google Scholar Search many disciplines and sources: peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles from scholarly organizations.

Periodical Indexes

IngentaConnect Database of brief descriptions of millions of articles taken from more than 30,000 periodicals.

HighBeam Research Search its large database of articles for free. For a small monthly fee, you can download the articles. Find free magazine articles searchable and categorized. A database of hundreds of thousands of articles from more than 300 publications.


Library of Congress Collections, exhibitions, congressional links, and much more.

New York Public Library Search its catalog by subject, author, or title.

Chicago Public Library

Los Angeles Public Library

Melvyl The University of California’s online catalog.

Association of Research Libraries Member Links Links to catalogs of research libraries.

LibWeb Search for libraries throughout the world by typing in the city or town.

Yahoo Directory: Libraries List of libraries online.

LibDex An index to online libraries throughout the world.



Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Boston Globe

Chicago Tribune

Christian Science Monitor

Detroit Free Press

Los Angeles Times

Minneapolis Star Tribune

New York Times The paper’s Time Machine allows you to browse through every page of the paper from 1851–1922.

St. Petersburg Times

USA Today

Wall Street Journal

Washington Post

Financial Times (U.K.)

Guardian Unlimited (U.K.)

Times of London (U.K.)

International Herald Tribune

American Online Columnists Links to more than 700 columnists.

U.S. News Archives on the Web Links to U.S. newspapers that have online archives.

International News Archives on the Web

NewsVoyager Links to local newspapers around the world. Browse and search for articles in alternative newspapers.

NewsLink Links to thousands of newspapers worldwide.

ABYZ News Links Links to over newspapers and other news sources from around the world.

Online Newspapers More links to newspapers online.

Internet Public Library: Newspapers More links.

Broadcast News

ABC News

BBC News

CBC News

CBS News

CNN It also has transcripts of many of its shows.

Fox News


PBS Huge site of Public Broadcasting Service includes NewsHour, Frontline, American Experience, Charlie Rose, Bill Moyers’ Journal, Tavis Smiley, NOVA, NOW, Washington Week, and much more. Many programs have free transcripts.

NPR Listen to current and past editions of Morning Edition, Talk of the Nation, All Things Considered, Fresh Air, On Point, and other programs.

C-SPAN Public affairs broadcasts.

Current Awareness Resources via Streaming Audio & Video Large collection of links to U.S. and international media broadcasts. By Gary Price, MLIS.

Other News Sites

Yahoo News and Yahoo Full Coverage News from many sources.

Google News and Google News Archive

AP Top Stories

Reuters News wire.

LexisNexis News Headlines and topics.

ProPublica A non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism.

World News Network News from sources around the world.

Daily Source Top news from around the Internet.

Topix: Directory News sorted by hundreds of topics.

Times Topics An A to Z list of topics linked to articles in the New York Times.

RocketNews A new search engine, especially good for international sources.

1stHeadlines Headline stories from around the world.

Tailrank News from thousands of blogs.

Newseum Daily front pages from newspapers around the world plus front pages from important events in recent history.

Graphic representations of news:

10 by 10 Changing hourly, the site consists of 100 different images, each with a significant news story.

Newzingo Top Google News tags listed alphabetically. The more stories behind the tag, the larger the tag is.

Kidon Media-Link Links to all media on all the continents.

Special Report Archives of Media Organizations

See also Search Engines (many have news searches).

Other Media

Film and TV

Internet Movie Database Searchable information on almost every movie ever made and on the actors, directors, writers, producers, and others who helped make them.

Movie Review Query Engine Look up reviews of films.

Metacritic Summarizes reviews of movies and videos. TV listings, reviews, news, and episode guides, cast member listings, and information on every TV show past and present.

Teach With Movies Lists of movies appropriate for different subjects and ages.

TV Zap Worldwide TV schedules and guides.

Encyclopedia of Television Hundreds of essays examining TV programs, people, historic moments, and trends, and major policy disputes.

The Big Cartoon DataBase Searchable database of cartoon information.

SparkNotes: Film Study Guides Study guides for individual films.

Yahoo Directory: Movies & Film, Television, and TV Shows

See also Image, Audio, & Video and Acting & Other Performing Arts.


Arts & Letters Daily A constantly updated collection of the best articles available on the Internet on philosophy, ideas, culture, history, and politics.

Romenesko Media News A weblog on the media.

BlogPulse Shows the most popular people, key phrases, and links appearing in weblogs.

Technorati An aggregator and search engine for blogs.

BlogDigger A blog search engine.

ResearchBuzz Blog about search engines, databases, and other research information.

Resource Shelf Updated daily with resources for educators, journalists, and information professionals.

CyberJournalist List Blogs produced by journalists.

Links to Education Blogs

Library Weblogs A list of library-related blogs.

Academic Blog Portal Links to bloggers from the academic world. Listed by subject.

Open Directory Project: Weblogs Links to blogs.

Google Directory: Weblogs A listing of weblogs. See also its Blog Search.



World Factbook Facts about every nation in the world, published by the CIA.

Area and Country Studies Links to information and statistics about all the countries and regions in the world. Almanacs, dictionary, encyclopedia, and an atlas.

Old Farmer’s Almanac Ocean tide tables, sunrise tables, planting charts, recipes, and more.

Statistical Abstract Annual collection of statistics on U.S. social and economic conditions.

Open Directory Project: Almanacs

See also Statistical Data and Statistics.

Statistical Data

U.S. Census Bureau Huge collection of census statistics.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service Huge collection of federal government information on criminal justice issues.

National Center for Education Statistics Main U.S. government source for education data.

FedStats U.S. government site that provides easy access to information and statistics produced by more than 70 federal agencies. MapStats profiles your state, county, federal judicial district, or congressional district.

Measure of America: Interactive Maps Create maps comparing states on statistics related to health, education, income, demographics, crime, the environment, and housing and transportation.

Flowing Data: 37 Data-ish Blogs The best data and visualization blogs.

Governing Sourcebook Data profiles for the top 50 counties or cities, states, D.C., or the U.S. Categories covered include economic development, education, environment, finance, health, management, public safety, public works, social services, and technology.

GeoHive: Global Statistics Population and economic statistics on regions, countries, provinces, and cities.

U.N. Statistics Division Statistics from many international sources.

Statistical Resources on the Web A large collection of links to statistical sources by the University of Michigan Documents Center.

International Statistical Agencies Links to every nation’s office of statistics. From the U.S. Census Bureau.

Intute: Statistics and Data Links.

OFFSTATS International statistics grouped by country, region, and topic.

Other Statistical Sites Links by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

See also Statistics and Almanacs.


Wikipedia An online collaborative encyclopedia written by readers of the web site.

Citizendium Wikipedia-like but with “gentle expert oversight” of all articles.

Wikinfo Another alternative to Wikipedia. Search a database of encyclopedias, dictionaries, glossaries, and atlases.

1911 Encyclopedia Britannica The complete text of this encyclopedia. The current Britannica is a subscription site. Articles with pictures, maps, and links to other resources.

Columbia Encyclopedia Up-to-date electronic encyclopedia.

LookLex Encyclopedia The Encyclopedia of the Orient has been renamed and expanded to cover all subjects.

Free Internet An encyclopedia composed of information available on the Internet.

Facts Encyclopedia Another encyclopedia of information on the Internet. Thousands of articles from several encyclopedias.

HowStuffWorks Explanations on many subjects.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian A wide-ranging encyclopedia.

Suite 101 Online articles, discussions, and courses.

Open Directory Project: Encyclopedias Links.


Brief Biographies Many volumes of biographies searchable by name and keywords.

Biographical Dictionary Short biographies.

From Revolution to Reconstruction: Biographies Biographies of historically important Americans.

NNDB Profiles of more than 30,000 noteworthy people. A database of more than 25,000 biographies.

Biography Center More than 10,000 biographies.

Blupete’s Literature Page Biographies of historical figures in the fields of law, literature, philosophy, economics, and history.

Wikipedia: Lists of People Many different categories to get biographies. Keep clicking.

BBC: Historic Figures

Who2 Searchable brief biographies and links to other biographies.

SparkNotes: Biography Study Guides Guides to the lives of many people.

Time 100 Profiles of the 100 people Time magazine has selected as the most important of the 20th century.

Link Collections of Biographies:

Multnomah County Library Homework Center: Biographies Biography/Who’s Who

Open Directory Project: Biography

Yahoo Directory: Biographies


Snopes: Urban Legends Reference Pages A database of urban legends tracking down each legend’s origins and truthfulness.

AFU & Urban Legends Archive A collection of comments on urban legends from the alt.folklore.urban archives. Urban Legends and Folklore Another large collection of urban legends. Search the major urban legend sites.

Museum of Hoaxes Searchable and browsable by category and historical era. The site monitors the media to expose the abuse of science and statistics before people are misled and public policy is distorted. A non-partisan, non-profit organization that monitors the factual accuracy of political TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews, and news releases.

Full Frontal Scrutiny A project of Consumer Reports WebWatch and Center for Media and Democracy, the site exposes front groups, which state an agenda while hiding their identity.

Fallacies Explanations of logical fallacies.

Stephen’s Guide to the Logical Fallacies Another guide to fallacies.

Wikipedia: Propaganda Good article and links.

Propaganda Critic Site dedicated to propaganda analysis.

Wikipedia: List of Cognitive Biases Includes propaganda and other things that distort reality.

Break the Chain Searchable database of articles on currently circulating e-mail chain letters.

Chain Letters A critical discussion of these letters and examples of some in circulation.

VMyths Searchable and browsable database on computer virus myths and hoaxes.

Quackwatch A guide to health-related frauds, myths, fads, fallacies, and misconduct.

Skeptic’s Dictionary A collection of articles on paranormal phenomena, hoaxes, junk science, and New Age beliefs.

CSI Online Committee for Skeptical Inquiry scientifically investigates paranormal and fringe-science claims.


Search Engines

Google The best web search engine available. Also searches blogs, books, catalogs, finance, images, news, patents, discussion groups, government, academic articles, maps, shopping, video, and more.

Bing Microsoft’s excellent challenge to Google. Also has BingTweets, which searches Twitter.

Cuil A new challenger to Google.

AltaVista A powerful web search engine. Also searches for images, MP3/audio, video, and news. Its Babel Fish translates paragraphs and web pages.

Duck Duck Go New search engine with results drawn from human-edited sources.

Wikia Search A new search engine that relies on volunteers to improve the searches.

Hakia A new search engine that focuses on the quality of the results.

Brainboost A search engine that attempts to answer questions.

Excite Search the web and White and Yellow pages.

AlltheWeb Searches the web and also news and pictures.

Ask Searches the web and also images, city, news, blogs, and more.

Gigablast Searches the web, images, video, and a directory.

Factbites Results given in full sentences telling you information on the subject.

Exalead Also includes image, video, and Wikipedia. Results show related terms and thumbnail images of sites.

Snap Lets you preview a page before going to it.

HotBot Easy-to-use search engine with sophisticated search features.


Metasearch Engines

ixquick A powerful metasearch engine.

Clusty Generates an ordered list based on comparative ranking of results from multiple search engines.

Dogpile Another popular multiple search engine.

Mama Also searches news, videos, yellow pages, and white pages.

Academic Searches

OpenCourseWare Finder Browse by subject area or search for course materials online.

Academic Blog Portal Search or browse by subject area for blogs by academics.

Syllabus Finder Search for course syllabuses on all academic subjects.

Google: Scholar Search scholarly papers.

Images, Audio & Video Searches

blinkx Video search engine.

AOL Video Search for video.

YouTube Find video clips.

TeacherTube Videos for teaching.

Pixsy Search for photos and videos.

Yahoo Image Search

Google: Images and Video

Ask: Images

FindSounds A search engine for finding sound effects on the web.

Pictures, Images, & Cartoons Links to image collections and search engines.

Other Specialized Searches

Twitter Search Search the information being transmitted to Twitter every second.

Turbo 10 A search engine for the “invisible web,” databases not usually searched.

WayBackMachine To find web pages that no longer exist, you can surf pages stored in the Internet Archive’s web archive.

Public Information Databases More than 5,000 public U.S. and international databases.

Pretrieve A public record search engine.


Web Directories A directory of hundreds of topic-specific sites, each managed by an expert on the topic.

WWW Virtual Library The oldest directory of the web, the VL is run by volunteers who compile links for their area of expertise.

Awesome Library A guide to resources that have been reviewed and found to be of high quality.

Mahalo’s Categories The directory of the “human-powered search engine.”

Open Directory Project A comprehensive directory of the web, developed by volunteer editors.

Google Directory

Yahoo Directory The most complete and popular web directory.

Academic Directories

Academic Info A directory catalogued by academic subject.

BUBL Link Selected Internet resources covering all academic subject areas.

Internet Public Library A directory from the University of Michigan School of Information.

Librarians’ Internet Index A searchable, annotated subject directory of thousands of Internet resources selected and evaluated by librarians.

Digital Librarian A librarian’s choice of the best of the web.

Scout Report Archives Searchable and browsable archive of the best Internet resources chosen by the Scout Report.

iTunes U Directory A directory of college and university sites that have podcasts of lectures.

Voice of the Shuttle Directory of humanities web sites. From UCSB.

Intute The U.K.’s national gateway to Internet resources for the learning, teaching, and research community.

Infomine Extensive collection of scholarly Internet resources.

Government & Politics


State & Local Government:

Governments of the 50 States Links to the official state web site, governor’s office, legislature, and court system of each state.

State Resource Center Links to each state’s home pages, statewide offices, executive, legislature, judiciary, courts, boards & commissions, regions, counties, libraries, and more. From Lexis.

State and Local Government on the Net A frequently updated and comprehensive directory of links.

Federal Government:

THOMAS U.S. Congress on the Internet.

White House

House of Representatives

U.S. Senate

Columbia University Libraries: U.S. Government Documents Ready Reference Collection Government reports and statistics. An easy way to navigate through U.S. federal government resources.

GovEngine A search engine for federal, state, and local government.

GPO Access Another good way to find U.S. government material.

GovFresh: Government 2.0 News, ideas, and feeds of U.S. government social media.

Open Congressional Research Reports A collection of Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports accessible via the web.

University of Michigan: Documents Center A central reference point for local, state, federal, and international government information.

International Governments:

Political Resources on the Net Listings of political sites on the Internet sorted by country, with links to parties, organizations, governments, media and more from all around the world.

European Governments Online

Politics and Government Around the World A collection of links to government, political parties, elections, and political information from around the world.

Rulers Leaders of all countries and territories, going back to about 1700 in most cases.

United Nations Use its Web Site Locator to find its various agencies.

Governments on the WWW A comprehensive database of online governmental institutions.

Foreign Governments Links to the official web sites of national governments.

Official Government Web Pages An alphabetical listing by country.

See also Law and Political Science.


NewsHour Index Transcripts of PBS’s NewsHour indexed by subject and searchable.

Social Issues Links from the Multnomah Public Library.

Political Information A search engine for politics and policies. Issues organized into topics, sub-topics, and links to even more information.

Documents in the News The Document Center at University of Michigan archives current events documents by subject. Pro and con opinions on controversial topics.

Debatepedia The “Wikipedia of debates” encourages contributors to debate many issues. Streaming split-screen dialogs on issues from commentators with differing viewpoints.

News, Views, and Tools for Progressives Links to liberal and progressive viewpoints on issues. Conservative news and information.

Politics 1: Directory of Political Debates & Issues Links to leading groups on all sides of the hot political issues facing our nation today.

Discovery Guides Overview and links to current issues.

Political Advocacy Groups A listing of national political advocacy organizations arranged by the issue they are interested in.

New York Times: Politics Navigator A guide to political sites on the Internet.

[more] A complete listing of issue links.

Opinion Polls Latest public opinion polls on politics, issues, and the economy.

Public Agenda Online In-depth analyses of public opinion and public policies.

Harris Poll Current and past polls back to 1998.

Gallup Organization Current and past opinion polls.

Pew Research Center An independent opinion research group that studies public attitudes toward the press, politics, and public policy issues. Use its Topics Index.

World Public Opinion Information and analysis about public opinion on international policy issues from around the world.  

Zogby International Polls from all over the world.

CBS News Polls

Field Poll A California poll. Political polls.

World Public Opinion Information and analysis on public opinion from around the world.

Roper Center Archive of data from polls conducted by many survey research organizations.

Link Collections of Opinion Polls:

Survey Research Links

Yahoo Directory: Surveys and Poll

Open Directory Project: Online Issues Polls


Encyclopedia Articles on Law:

Wikipedia: Law and ProjectLaw

Wikinfo: Law Law

Citizendium: Law Law

1911 Britannica: Category: Law

Jurispedia An encyclopedia of law created by users of the site.

Law Library—American Law and Legal Information A searchable multi-volume work on law.

Cases, Laws, & Commentary:

FindLaw Cases, laws, law schools, legal news, legal subject index, law reviews, legal organizations, law firms, and international legal resources.

Legal Information Institute U.S. Supreme Court decisions, U.S. Code, U.S. Constitution, and other important legal materials. From Cornell Law School.

Jurist: The Law Professors’ Network Legal news, topics, documents, videos, & commentary.

Oyez Supreme Court cases, audio of hearings, and other resources.

Justicia: U.S. Supreme Court Cases Text of the cases.

OpenJurist Supreme Court and federal appeals court opinions.

FedLaw Links to resources on U.S. laws, Congress, judiciary, & more.

World Legal Information Institute Free, independent, and non-profit access to worldwide law.

Nolo Clear information on many areas of U.S. law.

Legal News: Law news with free searchable archives.

CNN Law Center

LexisNexis: Headline Legal News

New York Times Topics: Law and Legislation Archive of articles.

1st Headlines: Legal

FindLaw News

Jurist: Legal News

Blogs on the Law:

Blawg Listing of legal blogs, podcasts, news feeds.

AcademicBlogs: Law A listing of blogs by law professors.

Be Spacific Weblog on law archived by topic.

Academic Earth: Law Video lectures from the world’s top scholars.

Law Journals:

Law Reviews Online A listing of law reviews that make their content available online.

Directory of Open Access Journals: Law A directory of law journals that have content available online for free.

Academic Law Reviews and Journals

Legal Workshop “Op-ed” versions of journal articles made concise and written for a generalist audience.

Legal Dictionaries:

Free Legal Dictionary

Other Legal Dictionaries

Court Sites:

U.S. Supreme Court The court’s site includes recent decisions, upcoming cases, argument transcripts, briefs, and other information.

U.S. Courts Links to all federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Courts of Appeals, U.S. District Courts, and Bankruptcy Courts.

State Court Web Sites

International Court Web Sites

Criminal Justice in America Links Links to all aspects of the criminal justice system.


Famous Trials Detailed information on trials throughout history.

Famous Trials in World History Links

Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674–1913 Searchable text of 197,745 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court.

U.S. Constitution:

U.S. Constitution Complete text.

Justice Learning: The Meaning of the U.S. Constitution An article-by-article analysis. Navigate by clicking on the articles listed across the top.

Exploring Constitutional Law Coverage of issues and controversies surrounding the Constitution.

Constitution: That Delicate Balance Emmy Award-winning video series on the Constitution.

Other Constitutions:

Constitution Finder Database of constitutions, charters, amendments, and related documents.

Constitutions, Treaties, and Declarations Links organized in alphabetical order by country.

Other Current and Historical Legal Documents:

Avalon Project A collection of documents in law, history and diplomacy.

Electronic Information System for International Law

Library of Congress: Law Library of Congress The world’s largest collection of law books and legal resources.

Link Collections on Law:

American Law Sources On-Line Links to freely accessible online legal sources for the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Library of Congress: Guide to Law Online An annotated guide to sources of information on government and law.

Hieros Gamos Legal directories of U.S. and other nation’s legal systems.

Internet Legal Research Group A categorized index of thousands of legal web sites.

SAU Library: Best Information on the Net: Law

Intute: Law

Voice of the Shuttle: Legal Studies

Yahoo Directory: Law

Open Directory Project: Law


Dictionaries and Thesauruses

Cambridge Dictionaries Online Several separate dictionaries—English, American English, idioms, phrasal verbs, French/English, and Spanish/English.

American Heritage Dictionary The latest edition of this dictionary features almost 100,000 entries.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary and thesaurus. Dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia.

Wordsmyth Dictionary and thesaurus.

One Look Search many dictionaries. Also has a reverse dictionary for finding a word by describing a concept or idea.

Free Dictionary Dictionary of words and phrases and thesaurus.

AllWords Dictionary and many links for word lovers. Hundreds of dictionaries in English and other languages.

Visual Dictionaries:

The Visual Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary

Hypertext Webster Gateway All words in definitions clickable.

Glossarist A searchable directory of glossaries and topical dictionaries.

Acronym Search Find what acronyms and abbreviations mean.

Acronym Finder Another searchable dictionary of acronyms, abbreviations, and initials.

RhymeZone Find rhymes, synonyms, definitions, and more.

Add Roget's II: The New Thesaurus

WriteExpress: Rhyming Dictionary

Internet Anagram Server Rearrange the letters in words or phrases to make new ones.

One Across Crossword puzzle help.

Open Directory Project: Dictionaries Links to more dictionaries.

Style Guides

Chicago Manual of Style: Q & A Frequently asked questions about style.

OWL Purdue’s Online Writing Laboratory has more than 130 instructional handouts to assist writers.

SparkNotes: Ultimate Style: The Rules of Writing An A to Z style guide.

U.S. Government Printing Office Style Manual

Online Resources for Writers Links to many resources.

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant An interactive, menu-driven, online writer’s guide and handbook.

Columbia Journalism Review: Language Corner Discussion of various rules of the language, including rules of thumb. Scroll down for archives.

Citation Styles:

Citation Style for Research Papers Examples of the APA, MLA, AMA, Turabian, and Chicago styles.

Citation Style Guides Guide to different bibliographic and note formats by Wright State University Libraries.

Citation Machine You type in the information and it will generate correct MLA, APA, Turabian, or Chicago citations.

British Style Guides (Different rules from U.S. English):

Economist Magazine Style Guide

Guardian Unlimited Style Guide

Grammar and Punctuation

Guide to Grammar and Writing Complete guide to the writing process prepared by Professor of English Charles Darling.

Guide to Grammar and Style Another good guide from Jack Lynch, Rutgers University.

Punctuation Made Simple Basics on the colon, semicolon, comma, dash, and apostrophe.

Daily Grammar Lesson Archives Basic grammar lessons.

Grammar and Punctuation From the Writing Center, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Common Errors in English Hypertext of Paul Brians’ book.

Grammar Girl Short, clever podcasts on grammar issues.

English Usage, Style & Composition Searchable and browsable access to these books:

American Heritage Book of English Usage (1996)

The Columbia Guide to Standard American English (1993)

The Elements of Style (1918) by William Strunk Jr.

The King’s English (1908) by H.W. Fowler

Online English Grammar Details on adjectives, adverbs, determiners, direct and indirect speech, -ing form, nouns, passive voice, possessives, relative clauses, infinitives, and verbs.

Yahoo Directory: English Grammar, Usage, and Style Links.


Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable The origins of phrases, allusions, and words.

Online Etymology Dictionary Searchable and browsable.

Behind the Name The etymology and history of first names in many languages.

Yahoo Directory: Etymology Links.


Research from Free online searchable database of reference books on literature, art, myth, human thought, and quotations.

Bartleby’s Quotation Books Searchable copies of Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations (1919) and Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations (1989).

Oxford Shakespeare Search Shakespeare’s complete works. From Bartleby.

Columbia World of Quotations

Search the Bible An online concordance with different translations.

Quoteland Large quotation collection grouped by author and topic. Searchable.

GIGA Quotes A collection of thousands of ancient and modern quotations, aphorisms, maxims, proverbs, sayings, truisms, mottoes, etc. Browsable by authors or topics.

Wikiquote Quotations from notable people and works and links to Wikipedia for further information.

QuoteWorld Browse by category or author or search by keyword.

BrainyQuote Collection of quotes searchable and browsable by topic, author, or type of author.

ThinkExist Thousands of quotations searchable and browsable by topic, author, or keyword.

Quote-O-Matic Many quotations.

Link Collections on Quotations:

Quotations Page: Quotation Links

Open Directory Project: Quotations

Yahoo Directory: Quotations

Experts and Advice

Think Tanks

RAND A well-known non-profit institute that researches various issues and publishes select papers on the Internet.

Brookings A non-profit research organization that serves as an independent analyst of public policy issues. Many of its publications are online.

Cato Institute A non-partisan public policy research foundation that examines issues from a libertarian perspective. Many of its publications are online.

Center for American Progress A non-partisan research and educational institute dedicated to promoting a strong, just and free America that ensures opportunity for all Americans.

Heritage Foundation A think tank whose mission is to formulate and promote conservative public policies. Its site discusses many issues.

Hoover Institution A non-profit focusing mainly on foreign policy. Some of its publications are online.

Urban Institute A non-partisan economic and social policy organization. The site has information on many current topics.

Link Collections of Think Tanks:

Yahoo Directory: Public Policy Institutes

University of Michigan Documents Center: Think Tanks

Harvard Kennedy School: Centers for Research & Policy Development

NIRA’s World Directory of Think Tanks Click on the index at the bottom of the page.

World Press Review: Think Tanks and NGOs

Other Experts

AskMe You can ask a question or browse previous answers by category. Experts are rated by how well they answer questions.

Yahoo Answers Ask a question and people will answer online. Archives available.

AllExperts A large, free Q & A service.

ExpertClick A directory of experts.

Scoozme Q & A posted in text, images, audio, and video.

Pitsco’s Ask An Expert A directory of links to people who have volunteered their time to answer questions and web pages that provide information.

Sources and Experts Links to experts who are willing to help journalists.

American Press Institute: Expert Sources More links to experts helpful for journalists.

LiveRef(sm) A listing of libraries that have reference services online via chat or e-mail.

AskNow Immediate information from California librarians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

People’s Network: Enquire Ask a question and a librarian will answer it.

Link Collections to Expert Sites:

Open Directory Project: Ask an Expert

Yahoo Directory: Ask an Expert

LibrarySpot: Ask an Expert Links to sites that might be helpful for homework.

Ask an Expert Sources Links to experts in many subject areas.

Virtual Reference Desk: Ask the Experts A listing by subject of many “ask an expert” sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

QueryCAT Search a large database of Frequently Asked Questions.

Internet FAQ Archives Archive of Usenet FAQs.

FAQs by Archive-Name

WiseGeek Clear answers to common questions.

WikiAnswers Answers to questions searchable and browsable by category.

AnswerBag Similar to WikiAnswers.

Yahoo Directory: FAQs

How-To Guides

eHow How to do just about anything.

SoYouWanna Another how-to site.

wiki-How An online collaborative project written by readers of the web site.

How to Do Things A searchable and browsable guide.

Tricks of the Trade Professional secrets from those in the know.

Lifehacker Tips and downloads for getting things done.

Howcast Video explanations of how to.

Link Collections of How-To Guides:

Knowledge Hound

Yahoo Directory: How-To Guides

Other Reference Sites

Calculators and Converters

Measure 4 Measure Links to sites that estimate, calculate, evaluate, translate, etc.

Allchin Files Links to online calculators, converters, and unit measurement translators.

Calculator Many different kinds of calculators.

eCalc Free basic and scientific-mode calculators.

Martindale’s Calculators On-Line Center More calculators.

Convert-Me Still more.

Inflation Calculator Adjusts any amount of money for inflation from 1800 to present.

Full Universal Currency Converter Find today’s value of any currency in the world.

Online Conversion Many converters.

Calculators & Converters Links to many different converters.

Yahoo Directory: Online Measurement & Units Converters Links.


U.N. Cartographic Section Hundreds of maps (most are PDF files).

Maps & Geography Maps from National Geographic magazine.

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection Extensive collection of maps from the University of Texas at Austin.

Map Collections: 1500–present From Library of Congress.

National Atlas U.S. maps to find and create.

All The Worlds Maps A compilation of each nation’s maps (including cities). From

HRW: World Maps Maps of continents, countries, and the world.

Outline Maps Outline maps of all areas of the world. Useful for the classroom.

Latitude and Longitude:

Geocoder Find the latitude & longitude of any US address.

Converting Addresses to/from Latitude/Longitude in One Step Any address in the world.

The Earth From Above Stunning photographs from around the world.

Live Search Maps Local Aerial, road, and bird’s eye images.

Google Earth Downloadable software to view satellite maps.

Google Maps Maps, satellite maps, and combinations.

Maporama Maps, itineraries, longitude and latitude, and more for almost every city.

Map Blogs:

Strange Maps A blog exhibiting unusual maps.

Great Map A blog focusing mainly on non-geographic maps.

Worldmapper Cartograms on many subjects.

Yahoo Maps Maps and driving directions.

MapQuest Maps and driving directions.

How Far Is It? Tells you the distance between two cities or locations.

Link Collections of Maps:

Map Guide


Open Directory Project: Maps

Yahoo Directory: Maps

See also Geography.


Superpages Find businesses or people.

WhitePages People search, business search, reverse phone or address, area codes, and more.

Switchboard Find a person or business, search by phone, area and ZIP codes, and more.

Yahoo: People Search Phone, address, reverse, and e-mail.

NANPA: Area Code Maps Click on the map to find an area code.

International Directories

Country Calling Codes Enter the countries you are calling from and to and find out what numbers to dial.

Get Human Database A listing of major U.S. companies and agencies with phone numbers and directions for avoiding voice mail and contacting humans.

Yahoo Directory: Phone Numbers & Addresses Links.

Post Office

ZIP Codes Enter the address and find the ZIP code.

Post Office Locator Enter an address to find a U.S. post office.

Mail Box Locator Enter a ZIP code and find the mail boxes in that ZIP code.

Postage Price Calculator Enter the weight and ZIP codes and it calculates the postage.

International Mailing Address Formats Formats and postal rates for many countries.

Link Collections on Postal Information:

Yahoo Directory: Postal Information

Open Directory Project: Postal Codes


Time and Date Calendars for any year, time and time zones, calculators, and more.

Official U.S. Time

World Time Shows globe with night and day and information on time in all countries.

Current Time in 1000 Places A–Z list of places.

Calendar Zone Links to online and print calendars.

Virtual Perpetual Calendars Calendars for any year in the 20th or 21st century.

Yahoo Directory: Time Links.

Weather Weather from the Weather Channel.

Weather Underground Find the weather for any city, state, ZIP or Airport Code, or country.

U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Great site that includes:

National Weather Service News, forecasts, warnings satellite views, and more.

National Hurricane Center

Extreme Weather and Climate Events

Weatherbase Records, averages, and other information on cities throughout the world.

Yahoo Directory: Weather Links.

Other Research Links

Refdesk: Quick Reference/Research Hundreds of research links.

Yahoo Directory: Reference Links to reference sites.

Martindale’s The Reference Desk

University of Virginia Library: University Library Reference Resources Pages Links to university library reference links.

Link Collections for Journalists Link collections aimed at journalists, but helpful to all researchers.

Subject Matter Links


Art History

Encyclopedia Articles on Art History:

Wikipedia: Art History and Category: Art History

Wikinfo: Art History Art History Art History

Courses on Art History:

Art of the Western World: A free online video course available both from Free-Ed and

World Lecture Hall: Art / Art History Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

Art History Timelines:

Timeline of Art History From the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

History Explorer: Art History Timeline

HuntFor: Art History Information sorted by period, artist, movement, or theme.

Artchive Images of artwork, art reviews, online exhibitions, art criticism, and more.

PBS: Fine Arts Links to PBS programs on fine arts.

ArtLex Art Dictionary Definitions of thousands of art terms.

Wikibooks: Art History Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

Artcyclopedia Links to thousands of art sites and artworks by renowned artists.

Lecture Notes on Art History:

Introduction to the History of Art (Rice University)

A.P. Art History Notes with Pictures

Varsity Notes: Art History A directory of free college lecture notes.

Syllabus Finder: Art History Syllabuses on this subject.

Art Museums:

Museum of Online Museums Exhibitions in art museums around the world.

Virtual Library Museums Pages A directory of online museums around the world.

Universal Leonardo Impressive site on the works of Leonardo da Vinci.

AcademicBlogs: Art History Links to blogs by professors in this field.

Link Collections on Art History:

Art History Resources on the Web An incredible collection of links by Dr. Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe, Professor, Department of Art History, Sweet Briar College, Virginia.

Harvard Library: Online Resources for Medieval Art and Architecture

Internet Public Library: History of Arts & Humanities

Librarians’ Internet Index: Art History

Voice of the Shuttle: Art History

Yahoo Directory: Art History

Open Directory Project: Art History


Encyclopedia Articles on History:

Wikipedia: History and List of Basic History Topics

Wikinfo: History History History

Citizendium: History

1911 Britannica: History

Spartacus Educational An online encyclopedia of history and teaching history.

Bill of Rights in Action Archive Searchable and browsable archive of lessons, articles, and links on a wide range of historical subjects.

Dictionary of the History of Ideas An online text.

Online History Courses:

MITOpenCourseware: History Free online courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

World Lecture Hall: History Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

Lectures Archive: Social Sciences / Law / History Video and audio lectures on these academic topics.

Academic Earth: History Video lectures from the world’s top scholars.

Varsity Notes: History A directory of free college lecture notes.

Syllabus Finder: History Syllabuses on this subject.

The History Place Articles on U.S. and world history.

Video and Resources from Broadcast Sites:


History Programs categorized under United States, World, Ancient World, Biographies, War & Espionage.

Teachers: Social Studies Social Studies Lesson plans and activities, links, recommended books, and articles from the field.

BBC History Categories include Ancient History, Archaeology, Church and State, Science and Discovery, Society and Culture, Wars and Conflict, Your History, Historic Figures, History for Kids, History Trail, Multimedia Zone, Reading Room, Talk History, and Timelines.

BBC: In Our Time: History Archive Archive of radio programs related to history.

Annenberg Media: Teacher Resources: History and Social Studies Online courses.

History Channel Video and other resources.

Then Again Includes WebChron (timelines), Primary Sources, and History Basics.

Historical Text Archive Articles, e-books, and links.

The History Guide Online lectures on a whole range of historical subjects.

EDSITEment: History & Social Studies Lesson plans and links.

Webquest Page

Grades 9–12 Social Studies

Grades 6–8 Social Studies

Grades 3–5 Social Studies

Malaspina: Great Books A database of great thinkers, their biographies and works with links and book suggestions.


The Web Chronology Project Timelines from Then Again.

Who What When Interactive historical timelines from A.D. 1000 to present.

Food Timeline What people ate, how they made their food, and when it happened. Video documentaries arranged on historical timelines.

AcademicBlogs: History Links to blogs by professors in this field.

Hotlinks: Legal History By Dean Bernard Hibbitts, University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

Directory of Open Access Journals: History A directory of history journals that have content available online for free.

Measuring Worth Inflation calculators for the U.S., China, Japan, and U.K. See also Calculators and Converters.

Link Collections on History:

SCORE Over 5,000 web sites aligned to California’s History/Social Science Curriculum.

Teaching History: History Links

Eighteenth-Century Resources A great collection of links on art, history, literature, music, philosophy, religion, science, mathematics, and more.

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators: History & Social Studies

McDougal Littel Teachers Social Studies Click on a subject, then on a text, and will get research links by chapter.

WWW Virtual Library: History

            Awesome Library: Social Studies

Intute: History U.K.’s national gateway to Internet resources on history for researchers.

Blue Web’n: History & Social Studies Online library of outstanding Internet sites categorized by subject, grade level, and format (lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, & tools).

The Best of History Web Sites A portal of history web sites rated for usefulness and accuracy, which will help you study or teach a wide variety of topics and periods in history.

            Voice of the Shuttle: History

Yahoo Directory: History

Princeton University Library: History Web Sites

Internet Public Library: History

Librarians’ Internet Index: History

WWW Virtual Library: History

Open Directory Project: History

U.S. History

Encyclopedia Articles on U.S. History:

Wikipedia: U.S. History

Wikinfo: History of the United States U.S. History

Citizendium: U.S. History

1911 Britannica: History of the United States

Smithsonian Encyclopedia: History and Culture

Digital History An online text, primary sources, curriculum materials, timeline, and exhibitions.

Freedom: A History of US A 16-part series based on the books by Joy Hakim.

American History 102: Civil War to the Present Lectures, student notes, biographies, photographs, and links. From Professor William K. Schultz, University of Wisconsin.

American Cultural History: 19th Century and 20th Century From Kingwood College (Texas).

Study Guides on U.S. History:

PinkMonkey: American History

SparkNotes: American History

CliffsNotes: U.S. History I and U.S. History II

Shmoop: U.S. History

Lecture Notes on U.S. History:

            A.P. U.S. History (Chaffey High School)

A.P. U.S. History Exam Notes (Horace Greeley High School)

American History 102: 1865 to Present ( University of Wisconsin)

History 105: U.S. History to 1877 ( University of Mississippi)

Varsity Notes: U.S. History A directory of free college lecture notes.

Syllabus Finder: U.S. History Syllabuses on this subject.

Online U.S. History Texts:

Wikibooks: U.S. History Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

SweetHaven Publishing: An Outline of American History

Annenberg Media: A Biography of America

Digital History: Hypertext History

From Revolution to Reconstruction: An Outline of American History Publications:

U.S. History

                        Historians on America

History Matters: A U.S. Survey Course on the Web A gateway to web resources and offers

other useful materials for teaching U.S. history.

A Video Survey of United States History

PBS: U.S. History Links to PBS programs on U.S. history.

American Heritage Articles on U.S. history.

TheHistoryNet Much information, primarily on U.S. history.

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History: Modules on Major Topics Each module contains a brief historical overview, learning tools, primary sources, and resources.

Government Archives and Exhibits on U.S. History:

Smithsonian National Museum of American History

Library of Congress

American Memory Collections on all aspects of American life.

                        Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers


Primary Documents in American History

National Archives

Teaching With Documents: Lesson Plans

Online Exhibits

America’s Historical Documents

Presidential Libraries

National Parks Service: History & Culture

More Primary Sources:

Yale Law School: Avalon Project

Oklahoma Law Center: A Chronology of U.S. Historical Documents

Documents for the Study of American History

Our Documents

From Revolution to Reconstruction: Documents Despite the title, it goes from before 1400 to present.

HistoryCentral: American Source Documents

American Slave Narratives

American Journeys Eyewitness accounts of North American exploration.

New York Times: Time Machine Browse through every page of the paper from 1851–1922. (You must subscribe to the paper.)

Harvard Library: Open Collections Program

Ad*Access Images and database information for thousands of ads printed in U.S. and Canadian publications between 1911 and 1955.

Regents Exam Prep Center: U.S. History This non-profit site helps high school students meet the New York State Regents requirements.

Link Collections on U.S. History: 

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators: American History

Internet Public Library: United States History

Librarians’ Internet Index: United States History

Yahoo Directory: U.S. History

Open Directory Project: U.S. History

World History

Encyclopedia Articles on World History:

Wikipedia: World History and History of the World World History

Citizendium: World History

Encyclopedia Mythica An encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and religion.

HistoryWorld Histories, timelines, and articles.

PBS: Ancient World and World History Links to PBS programs on world history.

British Museum Interactive exhibits for students and teachers.

Ancient Civilizations


Ancient Egypt

Ancient India

Ancient China

Courses on World History: Bridging World History and the Western Tradition

A Video Survey of Western History

Lectures for Western Civilization From Professor Gerhard Rempel at Western New England College

Study Guides:

PinkMonkey: World History and European History

SparkNotes: European History

Lecture Notes on World History:

A.P. European History (Chaffey High School)

Hist. 369: The World Since 1914 (Sam Houston State University)

World History 104: World History from 1500( Victor Valley College)

HIST 2155: Early Modern Europe (Nipissing University)

Varsity Notes: World History A directory of free college lecture notes.

Syllabus Finder: World History Syllabuses on this subject.

Online World History Texts:

Wikibooks: World History Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

MacroHistory: Prehistory to the 21st Century An online world history text.

World Civilizations A rich anthology of readings.

History of Nations A history of every nation in the world.

Textbook Revolution: World History Links to sites for books and includes links to free online texts and other resources.

HyperHistory Online 3,000 years of world history with interactive timelines and maps.

Online World History Journals:

Journal of World History

World History Connected

Primary Sources:

EuroDocs: Online Sources for European History

Internet History Sourcebooks Project Primary source materials on different periods.

In the First Person An index to English language personal narratives, including letters, diaries, memoirs, autobiographies, and oral histories.

EyeWitness to History Eyewitness accounts from the ancient world to the present.

LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World Primary and secondary documents and a photo album of Roman towns.

World History Matters A portal to world history on the web.

Regents Exam Prep Center: Global History This nonprofit site helps high school students meet the New York State Regents requirements.

Link Collections on World History:

Famous Trials in World History

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators: World and Ancient History

Librarians’ Internet Index: World History


Encyclopedia Articles on Literature:

Cambridge History of English and American Literature

Wikipedia: Literature

Wikinfo: Literature Literature

Citizendium: Literature

1911 Britannica: Literature

Study Guides:


Drama Study Guides

Literature Study Guides

Poetry Study Guides

Shakespeare Study Guides



ClassicNotes Study guides to literature, plays, poetry, and film.

CliffsNotes: Literature


Shmoop: Literature and Poetry

Courses on Literature:

World Lecture Hall: English / Writing / Rhetoric Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

            Free-Ed: A Video Survey of American Literature

MITOpenCourseware: Literature Free online courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Annenberg Media: Teacher Resources: Literature and Language Arts Online courses.

Lectures Archive: Arts / Literature / Religion Video and audio lectures on these academic topics.

Academic Earth: English Video lectures from the world's top scholars.

Lecture Notes on Literature:

A.P. English ( Vernon High School)

17th and 18th Century American Literature (Mississippi College)

English 322: British Literature: Victorians to Moderns (St. John Fisher College)

Varsity Notes: English A directory of free college lecture notes.

Syllabus Finder: Literature Syllabuses on this subject.

Critical Reading: A Guide A guide for analyzing fiction and poetry.

Course Materials, Including Study Guides to Various Works Study guides prepared by Professor Paul Brians of Washington State University for the use of students in his classes.

Poetry Foundation News, articles, and an archive of contemporary and classic poems.


Literature Links to PBS programs on literature.

PBS Teachers: Reading & Language Arts Lesson plans and activities, links, recommended books, and articles from the field.

BBC: In Our Time: Culture Archive Archive of radio programs related to culture and literature.

Lessons on Literature:

EDSITEment: Literature & Language Arts Lesson plans and links.

Read•Write•Think Lessons, standards, links, and student materials.

CyberGuides Standards-based units of instruction centered on core works of literature.

Absolute Shakespeare Many resources.

An Outline of American Literature An online text.

U.S. State Department: Outline of American Literature

Paris Review Interview Archive Complete interviews of famous writers of modern times.

CSPAN: American Writers: Part 1 and Part 2 Resources on writers from 1600 to the present.

PAL: Perspectives in American Literature: A Research and Reference Guide

Literary Resources on the Net From Jack Lynch, Rutgers University.

Children’s Literature Web Site Huge collection of resources.

Works of Literature Online:

Bartleby: Great Books Online

Classic Authors

Internet Classics Archive

Luminarium: Anthology of English Literature

Online Literature Library

Read Print

Universal Digital Library

See also Books.

AP Literature Links Links to resources on literature for AP English.

AcademicBlogs: Cultural Studies, Theory, Literature, & Rhetoric Links to blogs by professors in these fields.

Link Collections on Literature:

Voice of the Shuttle: Literature (in English)

Voice of the Shuttle: Literatures (Other Than English)

            SAU Library: Best Information on the Net: English

Mahalo: Literature

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators: Literature & Language Arts

LitLinks Biographies and links on many authors.

Librarians’ Internet Index: Literature & Books

Internet Public Library: Literature

Martindale’s: Literature

Open Directory Project: Literature

Yahoo Directory: Literature

Book Review Links Links to reviews from newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other sources plus book notes, literary analyses, and summaries of books.


Encyclopedia Articles on Philosophy:

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy Extensive encyclopedia.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Another good encyclopedia.

Wikipedia: Philosophy and History of Philosophy Philosophy

Wikinfo: Philosophy Philosophy

Citizendium: Philosophy

1911 Britannica: Philosophy and Category: Philosophy

Philosophy Since the Enlightenment

Sophia Project Resources to help newcomers to the field philosophy.

Works of Philosophers:

Google Directory: Online Texts

Some Texts From Early Modern Philosophy

Philosophy History Archive: Classical Philosophers

Squashed Philosophers Their own ideas, in their own words, neatly honed into little half-hour or so reads.

Courses on Philosophy:

MITOpenCourseware: Linguistics and Philosophy Free online courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

World Lecture Hall: Philosophy Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

Lectures Archive: Philosophy Video and audio lectures on this academic topic.

Academic Earth: Philosophy Video lectures from the world’s top scholars.

Lecture Notes on Philosophy:

Introduction to Philosophy (Brandeis University)

History of Philosophy (Washington Community and Technical College)

Philosophy 320: History of Ancient Philosophy (University of Washington)

Philosophy 105: Reason and Argument (University of Rochester)

Philosophy 356: Western Theism ( University of Texas at Austin)

Lecture Notes / iLecture on Many Courses (University of New South Wales)

Lecture Notes on Various Courses (University of Cambridge)

Varsity Notes: Philosophy A directory of free college lecture notes.

Syllabus Finder: Philosophy Syllabuses on this subject.

SparkNotes: Philosophy Study Guides Study guides on philosophers and their works.

Radio Programs on Philosophy:

PhilosophyTalk A radio program on philosophical issues hosted by two Stanford professors. Archives are online.

Philosopher’s Zone An Australian show looking at the world of philosophy and issues through philosophical analysis. Archives are online.

BBC: In Our Time: Philosophy Archive Archive of radio programs related to philosophy.

Philosophy Timeline

Texts on Philosophy:

Wikibooks: Philosophy Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

Formal Logic

Introduction to Philosophy

An Introduction to Philosophy By Dr. Philip A. Pecorino.

Erratic Impact: The Philosophy Research Base Integrating text resources with online resources, this study guide aids those interested in philosophy and its related fields.

Radical Academy A rich source of essays, histories, and discussions on philosophy.

Philosophy Pages Includes a dictionary of philosophy, history of philosophy, a timeline, discussions of major philosophers, principles of logic, a study guide, and links.

Glyn Hughes’ Squashed Philosophers Philosophers’ ideas, in their own words, neatly honed into little half-hour or so reads.

Dictionaries of Philosophy:


A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names

The Window: Philosophy on the Internet Biographical information and links about philosophers. Plus a timeline, interactive tools, and links to online texts, journals, and philosophy departments.

Teaching Materials on the History of Political Thought Reading guides, lectures, essays and notes.

History of Philosophy A collection of essays on philosophy.

Directory of Open Access Journals: Philosophy A directory of philosophy journals that have content available online for free.

AcademicBlogs: Linguistics & Philosophy Links to blogs by professors in these fields.

Link Collections on Philosophy:                           

EpistemeLinks Categorized links to thousands of philosophy resources on the Internet.

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet Not updated since 2003.

Philosophy on the Web Links to philosophy by subject, philosophers, journals, and departments of philosophy.

BUBL Link: Philosophy and Psychology Links organized by Dewey Decimal System.

Academic Info: Philosophy Sections on digital library; general links; ancient, medieval, & modern philosophy; existentialism; the mind; and African, Chinese, & Indian philosophy.

Voice of the Shuttle: Philosophy An extensive collection of links.

A Research Guide for Students: Philosophy & Psychology By I. Lee.

Intute: Philosophy

Librarians’ Internet Index: Philosophy

Internet Public Library: Philosophy

Open Directory Project: Philosophy

Google Directory: Philosophy

Yahoo Directory: Philosophy

Religious Studies

Encyclopedia Articles on Religion:

Wikipedia: Religious Studies, Religion, and Major World Religions Religion Religious Studies and Religion

Wikinfo: Religion

Citizendium: Religion

1911 Britannica: Religion

Virtual Jewish Library An extensive online encyclopedia.

Jewish Encyclopedia

Catholic Encyclopedia An online version of the classic 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia. Statistics and facts on the religions of the world.

Beliefnet Information on all major religions.

Religious Works:

The Internet Sacred Text Archive Electronic texts about religion, mythology, legends and folklore, and occult and esoteric topics.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library Classic texts in electronic format.

Religious Movements Homepage Project Profiles, essays, and resources for hundreds of religious groups and movements.

Religion, Religions, Religious Studies

Religious Essays on religions and religious topics.

Texts on Religion:

Wikibooks: Religion Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

Islam An online text by Richard Hooker.

Varsity Notes: Religious Studies A directory of free college lecture notes.

Syllabus Finder: Religious Studies Syllabuses on this subject.

Directory of Open Access Journals: Religion A directory of journals on religion that have content available online for free.

ReligionFacts Descriptions of the beliefs of many religions.

BBC: Religion Extensive coverage of religions.

PBS: Spirituality and Religion Links to PBS programs on these subjects.

Religious Liberty Archive Information about state and federal laws on religious freedom in the United States.

Virtual Religion Index Categories include academic sites, American studies, ancient Near East, anthropology & sociology, art & archaeology, biblical studies, Buddhist tradition, Christian tradition, comparative religion, confessional agencies, East Asia, ethics & moral values, Greco-Roman studies, Hindu studies, Islamic tradition, Judaic studies, philosophy & theology, and psychology of religion.

Courses on Religion:

World Lecture Hall: Religious Studies Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

Lectures Archive: Arts / Literature / Religion Video and audio lectures on these academic topics.

Academic Earth: Religion Video lectures from the world’s top scholars.

PBS: Religion and Ethics Newsweekly An online companion to the weekly TV news program.

Broadcast and video:


BBC: In Our Time: Religion Archive Archive of radio programs related to religion.

BBC: Religion & Ethics Archive of BBC programs on religion. Interviews with “cosmic thinkers.”

American Public Media: Speaking of Faith

Association of Religion Data Archives Data on American and international religion.

News Related to Religion:

New York Times Topics: Religion & Belief

            Religion News Service

Yahoo News: Religion

Topix: Religion News

Pew Forum: Religion News

BBC News: Religion and Ethics

Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life Issues at the intersection of religion and public affairs.

ReligionLink A resource to help journalists when they encounter religion in stories.

AcademicBlogs: Religion & Theology Links to blogs by professors in these fields.

Link Collections on Religion:

Links From Dr. A. Godlas, University of Georgia:

Islam and Islamic Studies Resources

Judaism, Christianity, Religious Studies, Mysticism

Voice of the Shuttle: Religious Studies An extensive collection of links.

Allyn & Bacon Sociology Links: Religion Links about Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, politics & religion, eastern religions, Islam, cults & new religions, and paganism & Wicca.

Table of Faiths Links to many sites on religion.

A Research Guide for Students: Religion A huge collection of links by I. Lee.

Religious Worlds Links to information on many religions.

Librarians’ Internet Index: Religion

Internet Public Library: Religion & Theology

Yahoo Directory: Religion and Spirituality

Open Directory Project: Religious Studies

Social Sciences


Encyclopedia Articles on Anthropology:

Wikipedia: Anthropology Anthropology Anthropology

Wikinfo: Anthropology

Citizendium: Anthropology

1911 Britannica: Anthropology

News Related to Anthropology:

New York Times Topics: Anthropology and Archaeology News about these topics.

            Anthropology in the News Links to news stories published on the web.

Yahoo Full Coverage: Anthropology and Archaeology The latest news on these subjects.

Topix: Anthropology News The latest news related to anthropology.

Texts on Anthropology:

Wikibooks: Anthropology Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

AnthroBase A searchable, multilingual database of anthropological texts.

            Anthropology Tutorials

Directory of Open Access Journals: Anthropology A directory of anthropology journals that have content available online for free. 

Anthro.Net A database with thousands of reviewed web sites and bibliographic references.

Anthropology Biography Web A large collection of biographies of anthropologists.

PBS: Archeology and Anthropology Links to PBS programs on these subjects.

Dictionary of Anthropology

Courses on Anthropology:

MITOpenCourseware: Anthropology Free online courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Free-Ed: Anthropology

Lecture Notes on Anthropology:

Anthropology 110: Introduction to Anthropology ( University of San Diego)

Anthropology 100 Slide presentation.

Anthropology 1110: Introduction to Social Anthropology (York University)

Varsity Notes: Anthropology A directory of free college lecture notes.

Syllabus Finder: Anthropology Syllabuses on this subject.

AcademicBlogs: Anthropology Links to blogs by professors in this field.

Link Collections on Anthropology:

American Anthropological Association: Anthropology Resources on the Internet

Academic Info: Anthropology Categories include digital publications, cultural & social anthropology, physical & biological anthropology, archaeology, Kennewick Man, and anthropology organizations.

BUBL Link: Anthropology

Library of Congress Learning Page: Anthropology Links helpful to teachers and students.

Intute: Anthropology

Librarians’ Internet Index: Anthropology

Internet Public Library: Anthropology

Mahalo: Anthropology

Yahoo Directory: Anthropology and Archaeology

Open Directory Project: Anthropology

Voice of the Shuttle: Anthropology


Encyclopedia Articles on Archaeology:

Wikipedia: Archaeology and Portal: Archaeology

Wikinfo: Archaeology Archaeology Archaeology

Citizendium: Archaeology

1911 Britannica: Archaeology

News on Archaeology:

Topix: Archaeology

National Geographic News: Archaeology and Paleontology

Archaeology News

New York Times Topics: Archaeology and Anthropology

ScienceDaily: Archaeology News

EurekAlert: Archaeology

Directory of Open Access Journals: Archaeology A directory of academic journals that have content available online for free.

Courses on Archaeology:

A Video Survey of Archaeology Links to the educational television series Out of the Past.

World Lecture Hall: Anthropology / Archeology Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

PBS: Archeology and Anthropology Links to PBS programs on these subjects.

Lecture Notes on Archaeology:

            Introduction to Archaeology (UC Santa Cruz)

History and Archeology of the Ship (University of Southampton)

Archaeology 113: North American Archaeology ( University of Iowa)

Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology (Indiana University)

Southwest Lecture Notes

Syllabus Finder: Archaeology Syllabuses on this subject.

Archaeology: An Introduction: The Online Companion A study guide to the text.

AcademicBlogs: Archaeology Links to blogs by professors in this field.

Fasti Online A database of archaeological excavations since the year 2000.

Link Collections on Archaeology:

Voice of the Shuttle: Archaeology

Archaeological Research Resources

Archaeology Directory

About: Archaeology

Librarians’ Internet Index: Archaeology

Internet Public Library: Archaeology

Mahalo: Archaeology

Martindale’s Archaeology and Paleontology Center

            WWW Virtual Library: Archaeology (ArchNet) 

Open Directory Project: Archaeology

Yahoo Directory: Archaeology

Area Studies

Encyclopedia Articles on Area Studies:

Wikipedia: List of Countries and Area Studies List of Countries

Citizendium: Country Catalogs

Library of Congress: Country Studies Descriptions and analyses of the history and social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of countries.

U.S. State Department: Background Notes Facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations of independent states.

Academic Info: Area & Country Studies Digital library, general links, news media, organizations, and other links for selected countries.

Economist: Country Briefings News, country profiles, forecasts, statistics and more.

BBC News: Country Profiles Full profiles provide an instant guide to history, politics and economic background of countries.

Link Collections on Area Studies:

Librarians’ Internet Index: Area Studies

BUBL Link: Countries Links to selected web sites on countries of the world.

Martindale’s: Countries, Territories, & Principalities

Voice of the Shuttle: Area Studies

Yahoo Directory: Area Studies

Open Directory Project: Area Studies

[more] A complete listing of web sites on area studies.


Encyclopedia Articles on Economics: 

Wikipedia: Economics

Wikinfo: Economics Economics Economics

Citizendium: Economics

1911 Britannica: Category: Economics

Concise Encyclopedia of Economics Essays and biographies on economic subjects.

EH.Net Encyclopedia of Economic and Business History

Study Guides on Economics:

SparkNotes: Economics

PinkMonkey Study Guide: Economics

CliffsNotes: Economics

Economic Textbooks:

Economics: Micro & Macro

Introduction to Economics


Introduction to Economic Analysis

Wikibooks: Economics Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

Textbook Revolution: Economics Links to sites for books and includes links to free online texts and other resources.

Online Economics Textbooks Large, well-organized links to texts.

FreeScience: Economy & Finance Free online texts.

Courses on Economics:

A Video Survey of U.S. Economics

MITOpenCourseware: Economics Free online courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

World Lecture Hall: Economics Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

Introduction to Accounting An online course.

Lectures Archive: Social Sciences / Law / History Video and audio lectures on these academic topics.

Academic Earth: Economics Video lectures from the world's top scholars.

RFE: Resources for Economists on the Internet

Education and Lessons on Economics:

EconEdLink Classroom-tested Internet-based economic lesson materials for K–12 teachers and students.

Foundation for Teaching Economics Links to hot topics in economics, lesson plans, and more.

EcEdWeb: Economics Education Web A portal to economic education resources in all forms and at all levels.

NCEE: National Council on Economic Education A nationwide network that leads in promoting economic literacy with students and their teachers.

Journal Articles on Economics:

RePEc: Research Papers in Economics A database of working papers and journal articles.

Directory of Open Access Journals: Economics A directory of economic journals that have content available online for free.

Economic Journals on the Web

Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics A collection of working papers.

History of Economics:

Gallery of Economists: Pictures and Links Links to biographies on important economists in history with links to their works.

Archive for the History of Economic Thought A collection of significant texts in the history of economic thought.

Schools of Thought An overview of economic thinking from ancient times to the present.

EH.Net Many resources for economic history.

Works of Economists:

History of Economic Thought Biographies of economists, lists of their works, essays on schools of thought, and links to additional resources.

Library of Economics and Liberty Authoritative books and essays on economics.

Social Studies Help Center: Economics Class notes on basic economic concepts.

More Lecture Notes on Economics:

Econ. 113: U.S. Economic History ( U.C. Berkeley)

Essentials of Economics (Pearson Education)

Lecture Notes Online A large collection from different universities.

Varsity Notes: Economics Another collection.

Syllabus Finder: Economics Syllabuses on this subject.

Economics Interactive Tutorials Java applets of basic economic concepts.

Liber8 An economics information portal for students and librarians. From the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Broadcasts and Podcasts on Economics:

EconTalk Archive of podcasts with economists.

Vox Talks Archive of policy analysis and commentary from leading economists.

Blogs on Economics (with links to other blogs and resources):

            New Economist



AcademicBlogs: Economics Links to blogs by professors in this field.

News Related to Economics:

New York Times Topics: Economics

EurekAlert: Business & Economics

SIEPR: Economics in the News

Link Collections on Economics:

Finance Site List A collection of links related to finance.

WWW Virtual Library: Economics Resources on economics.

WebEc Large collection of links on economics.

Intute: Economics

Librarians’ Internet Index: Economics

Internet Public Library: Economics

Yahoo Directory: Economics

Open Directory Project: Economics


Encyclopedia Articles on Geography:

Wikipedia: Geography

Wikinfo: Geography Geography Geography

Citizendium: Geography

1911 Britannica: Geography

Online Texts on Geography:

Wikibooks: Geography Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

An Outline of American Geography: Regional Landscapes of the United States An online text.

National Academies Press: Geography and Mapping Recently published books online on these subjects.

Journals on Geography:

Geographical Review

Directory of Open Access Journals: Geography A directory of geography journals that have content available online for free.

Geography Network Access to geographic content from hundreds of organizations around the world. From ESRI Inc.

News Related to Geography:

New York Times Topics: Geography

Geography in the News

ScienceDaily: Geography News

Yahoo News: Geography

National Geographic The web site of the National Geographic Society, which includes Xpeditions, home to the U.S. National Geography Standards—and to thousands of ideas, tools, and interactive adventures that bring them to life.

Discovery Atlas Online companion to the Discovery Channel series on the cultures, social diversities, and natural phenomena of 20 of the world’s greatest countries.

World Lecture Hall: Geography Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

Varsity Notes: Geography A directory of free college lecture notes.

Syllabus Finder: Geography Syllabuses on this subject.

AcademicBlogs: Geography Links to blogs by professors in this field.

Link Collections on Geography: Geography

Librarians’ Internet Index: Geography

Internet Public Library: Geography

Intute: Geography

Martindale’s: Geography & Topology

Mahalo: Geography

Open Directory Project: Geography

Yahoo Directory: Geography

See also Maps.

Political Science

Encyclopedia Articles on Political Science:

Wikipedia: Political Science

Wikinfo: Political Science Political Science Political Science

Citizendium: Political Science

Texts Related to Political Science and Government:

This Nation Online text on U.S. government.

Wikibooks: Political Science Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

Political Theory

UK Constitution and Government

U.S. State Department Publications

Courses on Political Science:

MITOpenCourseware: Political Science Free online courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

World Lecture Hall: Political Science Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

Lectures Archive: Social Sciences / Law / History Video and audio lectures on these academic topics.

Academic Earth: Political Science Video lectures from the world’s top scholars.

Lecture Notes on Political Science:

AP Government and Politics (Social Studies Help Center)

U.S. Government (Illinois Valley Community College)

U. S. National Government (Metropolitan State College)

Political Systems and Ideas (Metropolitan State College)

Varsity Notes: Political Science A directory of free college lecture notes.

Syllabus Finder: Political Science Syllabuses on this subject.

PinkMonkey Study Guide: American Government

Directory of Open Access Journals: Political Science A directory of political science journals that have content available online for free.

AcademicBlogs: Political Science & Theory and Public Policy Links to blogs by professors in these fields.

Link Collections on Political Science:

Richard Kimber’s Political Science Resources

Voice of the Shuttle: Politics & Government

University of Michigan Documents Center: Political Science Resources on the Web

Intute: Politics and Government Policy

and change last words Librarians’ Internet Index: Politics

Internet Public Library: Political Science

Yahoo Directory: Political Science.

Open Directory Project: Political Science

See also Government, Law, and Issues.


Encyclopedia Articles on Psychology:

Wikipedia: Psychology

Wikinfo: Psychology

   Psychology Psychology

Citizendium: Psychology

1911 Britannica: Psychology

Encyclopedia of Psychology Original information and links.

Psychology Encyclopedia

Study Guides on Psychology:

SparkNotes: Psychology Study Guides

CliffsNotes: Psychology and Developmental Psychology

News Related to Psychology:

Topix: Psychology News

New York Times Topics: Psychology and Psychologists

ScienceDaily: Psychology News

American Psychological Association: Psychology in the News

PsychCentral: Psychology & Mental Health News

Yahoo News: Psychology

Texts on Psychology:

All Psych Online Texts, reference books, a catalog of disorders, All Psych Journal, psychological tests, and research studies.

Wikibooks: Psychology Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

Introduction to Psychology

Psychological Testing

Writings in Psychology:

A Century of Psychology Essays from the American Psychological Association.

Classics in the History of Psychology Selections from psychological writings.

Directory of Open Access Journals: Psychology A directory of psychology journals that have content available online for free.

Courses on Psychology:

World Lecture Hall: Psychology Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

Free-Ed: Psychology

Academic Earth: Psychology Video lectures from the world’s top scholars.

Lecture Notes on Psychology:

Introduction to Psychology (Raritan Valley Community College)

Introductory Psychology (University of Winnipeg)

Abnormal Psychology (Counseling Center Village)

History of Psychology (U.C. Davis)

Varsity Notes: Psychology A directory of free college lecture notes.

Syllabus Finder: Psychology Syllabuses on this subject.

Psychology Glossary

ePsych Designed to teach about psychological processes in a rich experiential setting.

All-About-Psychology Detailed information on psychology.

Simply Psychology Articles and essays on approaches, studies, debates, historical figures, research, social, and cognitive, abnormal, and developmental psychology.

Psychology Matters A web-based compendium of psychological research on the application and value of psychology in our everyday lives.

Essentials of General Psychology A series of online lessons.

Psych Web Information and resources.

Blogs on Psychology:

            Psyblog: 40 Superb Psychology Blogs 

AcademicBlogs: Psychology Links to blogs by professors in this field.

Association for Psychological Science: Teaching Resources Links

Link Collections on Psychology:

Internet Resources in Psychology and Related Disciplines From the Psychology Library, Princeton University.

Intute: Psychology

Librarians’ Internet Index: Psychology

Internet Public Library: Psychology

Yahoo Directory: Psychology

Open Directory Project: Psychology


Encyclopedia Articles on Sociology:

Wikipedia: Sociology

Wikinfo: Sociology Sociology Sociology

Citizendium: Sociology

1911 Britannica: Sociology

News Related to Sociology:

New York Times Topics: Sociology

UniXL: Sociology News

Yahoo News: Sociology

Wikibooks: Sociology Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

Journals of Sociology:

Electronic Journal of Sociology

Directory of Open Access Journals: Sociology A directory of sociology journals that have content available online for free.

Dead Sociologists Index Biographies of important sociologists, summaries of their ideas, and a selection from their works.

Courses on Sociology:

World Lecture Hall: Sociology Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

Free-Ed: Sociology

Lecture Notes on Sociology:

Introduction to Sociology Scroll down to the lecture notes, which are slide presentations.

Introductory Sociology (Del Mar College)

Introduction to Sociology (East Carolina University)

Introduction to Sociology (University of Missouri, St. Louis)

Varsity Notes: Sociology A directory of free college lecture notes.

Syllabus Finder: Sociology Syllabuses on this subject.

CliffsNotes: Sociology A study guide. 

An Introductory Sociology Lecture Series Lectures available in MP3 or Real Audio files.

AcademicBlogs: Sociology Links to blogs by professors in this field.

Link Collections on Sociology:


Allyn & Bacon Sociology Links


WWW Virtual Library: Sociology

Librarians’ Internet Index: Sociology

Internet Public Library: Sociology

Yahoo Directory: Sociology

Open Directory Project: Sociology

Intute: Sociology

Foreign Languages

General Resources

Encyclopedia Articles on Languages:

Wikipedia: List of Languages, Language, and Language Education Language and List of Languages by Name

Ethnologue An encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world’s known living languages.

Wikibooks: Language Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

George Mason University’s Speech Accent Archive Listen to different accents as native and non-native speakers of English read the same paragraph.

EDSITEment: Foreign Languages Lesson plans and links.


Resources on Learning Languages:

UCLA Language Materials Project An online bibliographic database of teaching and learning materials for over 100 Less Commonly Taught Languages.

Oxford University Language Centre: Language Links Links to material for learning languages.

BBC: Languages Resources for learning languages.

Digital Dialects Interactive activities for learning many languages and links to study resources.

LangMedia Resources for world languages.

UniLang: Language Resources Great resources for many languages.

eLanguageSchool Links to resources for learning languages.

iLoveLanguages Dictionaries, schools, courses, and other resources.

Courses on Foreign Languages:

LearningSpace: Modern Languages Courses on many languages.

Annenberg Media: Teacher Resources: Foreign Language Online courses.

MITOpenCourseware: Foreign Languages and Literatures Free online courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Lectures Archive: Foreign Languages Video and audio lectures on foreign languages.

TeacherTube: World Languages

Dictionaries, Grammars, & Language Tools:

Wiktionary A project to produce a free multilingual dictionary in every language, with definitions, etymologies, pronunciations, quotations, synonyms, antonyms and translations.

Internet Picture Dictionary Picture dictionaries for English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Language Translation Translation for English, French, German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, Czech and Italian.

On-line Conjugator Conjugates verbs from many languages. From Verbix.

Grammars and Language Courses Links to grammars for many languages of the world.

Link Collections on Foreign Languages:

SAU: Best Information on the Net: Foreign Languages & Cultures

Librarians’ Internet Index: Languages

Internet Public Library: Language & Linguistics

Martindale’s: Language & Translation Center

Open Directory Project: Foreign Languages

Yahoo Directory: Specific Languages


Encyclopedia Articles on the Arabic Language:

Wikipedia: Arabic

Wikinfo: Arabic Language Arabic Languages Arabic

Citizendium: Arabic

Online Courses on Arabic:

Babel: Arabic

Easton: Arabic Materials for teaching and learning.

Syrian Colloquial Arabic Course Free online course.

ArabCafe: Arabic Language Course for Beginners

Learn Arabic Language With audio pronunciations.

Learn Arabic Pronunciation and lessons on Islam.

Wikibooks: Arabic Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

iLoveLanguages: Arabic Dictionaries, schools, courses, and other resources.

Oxford University Language Centre: Arabic Links Links, language resources, dialects, media, culture, maps, and more.

Syllabus Finder: Arabic Syllabuses on this subject.

Link Collections on Arabic:

Librarians’ Internet Index: Arabic

Internet Public Library: Arabic

Mahalo: Arabic

Martindale’s: Arabic

Yahoo Directory: Arabic

Open Directory Project: Languages: Arabic and Dictionaries: Arabic


Encyclopedia Articles on the Chinese Language:

Wikipedia: Chinese

Wikinfo: Chinese Language Chinese Chinese

Easton: Chinese Materials for teaching and learning.

On-Line Chinese Tools Tools for learning and using the Chinese language.

BBC Languages: Mandarin Chinese An introduction to Mandarin Chinese in 10 short parts.

Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online

MDBG Chinese-English Dictionary

Wikibooks: Chinese Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

Chinese (Mandarin)


Oxford University Language Centre: Chinese Links Links, language resources, media, culture, maps, and more.

Syllabus Finder: Chinese Syllabuses on this subject.

iLoveLanguages: Chinese Dictionaries, schools, courses, and other resources.

Learning Chinese Online Many resources.

Link Collections on Chinese:

Librarians’ Internet Index: Chinese

Internet Public Library: Chinese

Martindale’s: Chinese

Yahoo Directory: Chinese

Open Directory Project: Languages: Chinese, Dictionaries: Chinese, and Foreign Languages: Chinese

English (as a Second Language)

Encyclopedia Articles on the English Language:

Wikipedia: English Language and English Language Learning and Teaching

Wikinfo: English Language English Language English Language and English Language Learning and Teaching

Citizendium: English Language

1911 Britannica: English Language

Textbook Revolution: ESL Links to sites for books and includes links to free online texts and other resources.

Internet TESL Journal For ESL teachers. Many resources for students and teachers.

ESL Blues Diagnostic quizzes and activities for pre-intermediate to high-intermediate level English learners.

Dave’s ESL Forums for Students and Teachers

Interesting Things for ESL Students Word games, puzzles, quizzes, exercises, slang, proverbs and much more.

Activities for ESL Students Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help you learn English.

Practice Speaking English Converse with a robot about hotels, shopping, and apartments.

Voice of America: Special English Read, listen to, and learn American English.

BBC: Learning English Many resources for learning English.

Aardvark’s English Forum Resources for students and teachers of ESL.

Topics: An Online Magazine for Learners of English A publication offering learners of English an opportunity to express and publish their ideas in English.

British Council: Learn English A portal linking to all the council’s web sites for teachers and learners of English.

English Audio Files More than 6,000 English words pronounced by a native speaker.

English Online Dictionaries Bilingual dictionaries.

NCELA The site of the National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition and Language Instruction Educational Programs.

Journals on ESL:


            Journal of English as an International Language

UsingEnglish References (on grammar, verbs, idioms), ESL forums, articles, teacher handouts, and links. Topics cover ESL, EFL, ESOL, and EAP subject areas.

Courses on ESL:

Free-Ed: English as a Second Language A video course.

            Virtual Language Centre Courses and other resources.

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab A great site with audio files and quizzes rated by difficulty and other helpful material.

English Page Free online English lessons & ESL / EFL resources.

English for All

Link Collections on ESL:

Mahalo: English as a Second Language

Yahoo Directory: English as a Second Language

Open Directory Project: English as a Second Language


Encyclopedia Articles on the French Language:

Wikipedia: French

Wikinfo: French Language French Language French

Citizendium: French

1911 Britannica: French

Easton: French Materials for teaching and learning.

Wagner: French A concise overview of the language.

Courses on French:

BBC Languages: French Online courses for beginners and intermediate speakers.

The French Tutorial An online course on French.

Teacher Resources: French in Action A video course.

Indo-European Languages: French Tutorials

World Lecture Hall: French Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

Syllabus Finder: French Syllabuses on this subject.

Learn French With Pictures A picture dictionary of French.

Wikibooks: French Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

Oxford University Language Centre: French Links Links, language resources, media, culture, and more.

Cliff Notes: French I and French II Study guides.

iLoveLanguages: French Dictionaries, schools, courses, and other resources.

French Audiobase Pronunciations of French words.

Link Collections on French:

Librarians’ Internet Index: French

Internet Public Library: French

Intute: French Language

Mahalo: French

Martindale’s: French

Yahoo Directory: French

Open Directory Project: Dictionaries: French, Languages: French, and Foreign Languages: French


Encyclopedia Articles on the German Language:

Wikipedia: German

Wikinfo: German Language German Language German

Citizendium: German

1911 Britannica: German

Easton: German Materials for teaching and learning.

Wagner: German A concise overview of the language.

German Language Games and quizzes for enhancing vocabulary and learning German grammar.

Courses on German:

Teacher Resources: Fokus Deutsch A video course.

World Lecture Hall: Germanic Studies Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

BBC Languages: German Online courses for beginners and intermediate speakers.

Indo-European Languages: German Tutorials

Syllabus Finder: German Syllabuses on this subject.

Wikibooks: German Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

Oxford University Language Centre: German Links Links, language resources, universities, media, and more.

iLoveLanguages: German Dictionaries, schools, courses, and other resources.

Link Collections on German:

Internet Public Library: German

Mahalo: German

Martindale’s: German

Open Directory Project: Languages: German, Dictionaries: German, and Foreign Languages: German

Yahoo Directory: German


Encyclopedia Articles on the Italian Language:

Wikipedia: Italian

Wikinfo: Italian Language Italian Language Italian

Citizendium: Italian

1911 Britannica: Italian

Easton: Italian Materials for teaching and learning.

Wagner: Italian A concise overview of the language.

Courses on Italian:

Italiano Online Lessons.

            BBC Languages: Italian Online courses for beginners and intermediate speakers.

Indo-European Languages: Italian Tutorials

Wikibooks: Italian Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

Oxford University Language Centre: Italian Links Links, language resources, media, culture, maps, and more.

The Leopard: Italian Language Primer

Syllabus Finder: Italian Syllabuses on this subject.

iLoveLanguages: Italian Dictionaries, schools, courses, and other resources.

Link Collections on Italian:

Internet Public Library: Italian

Mahalo: Italian

Martindale’s: Italian

Open Directory Project: Languages: Italian, Dictionaries: Italian, and Foreign Languages: Italian

Yahoo Directory: Italian


Encyclopedia Articles on the Japanese Language:

Wikipedia: Japanese

Wikinfo: Japanese Language Japanese Japanese

Citizendium: Japanese

Easton: Japanese Materials for teaching and learning.

Courses on Japanese:

Japanese-Online Free lessons.

Teach Yourself Japanese

Kanji Alive A tool for helping beginning and intermediate level Japanese language learners read and write kanji.

Wikibooks: Japanese Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

Oxford University Language Centre: Japanese Links Links, language resources, media, maps, and more.

Syllabus Finder: Japanese Syllabuses on this subject.

iLoveLanguages: Japanese Dictionaries, schools, courses, and other resources.

Link Collections on Japanese:

Mahalo: Japanese

Martindale’s: Japanese

Open Directory Project: Languages: Japanese, Dictionaries: Japanese, and Foreign Languages: Japanese

Yahoo Directory: Japanese


Encyclopedia Articles on Latin:

Wikipedia: Latin

Wikinfo: Latin Latin Language Latin

Citizendium: Latin

1911 Britannica: Latin

Easton: Latin Materials for teaching and learning.

Dictionaries of Latin:

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid Dictionary, word list, and links.

Babylon: Latin Dictionary

Courses on Latin:

Latin In-Depth Guides Beginning and advanced tutorials. From Britain’s National Archives.

Latin course for the Virtual School of Languages Online lessons.

Latin Online A series of lessons.

Texts on Latin:

Latin for Beginners

Wikibooks: Latin Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

Textkit: Learn Latin Numerous Latin textbooks.

Latin Literature:

Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum

The Latin Library

Oxford University Language Centre: Latin Links Links, language resources, dictionaries, and more.

Syllabus Finder: Latin Syllabuses on this subject.

iLoveLanguages: Latin Dictionaries, schools, courses, and other resources.

Link Collections on Latin:

Librarians’ Internet Index: Latin

Martindale’s: Latin

Open Directory Project: Languages: Latin, Dictionaries: Latin, and Foreign Languages: Latin

Yahoo Directory: Latin


Encyclopedia Articles on the Portuguese Language:

Wikipedia: Portuguese

Wikinfo: Portuguese Language Portuguese Language Portuguese

Citizendium: Portuguese

Wagner: Portuguese A concise overview of the language.

Courses on Portuguese:

BBC Languages: Portuguese

Indo-European Languages: Portuguese Tutorials

Oxford University Language Centre: Portuguese Links Links, language resources, and culture.

Syllabus Finder: Portuguese Syllabuses on this subject.

iLoveLanguages: Portuguese Dictionaries, schools, courses, and other resources.

Gramática A grammar in Portuguese.

Wikibooks: Portuguese Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

Link Collections on Portuguese:

Mahalo: Portuguese

Martindale’s: Portuguese

Open Directory Project: Languages: Portuguese and Dictionaries: Portugese

Yahoo Directory: Portuguese


Encyclopedia Articles on the Russian Language:

Wikipedia: Russian

Wikinfo: Russian Language Russian Language Russian

Citizendium: Russian

1911 Britannica: Russian

Easton: Russian Materials for teaching and learning.

Russian: An Interactive On-Line Grammar

Oxford University Language Centre: Russian Links Links, fonts, language resources, media, culture, and more.

Syllabus Finder: Russian Syllabuses on this subject.

iLoveLanguages: Russian Dictionaries, schools, courses, and other resources.


Indo-European Languages: Russian Tutorials

Wikibooks: Russian Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

Link Collections on Russian:

Mahalo: Russian

Martindale’s: Russian

Open Directory Project: Languages: Russian, Dictionaries: Russian, and Foreign Languages: Russian

Yahoo Directory: Russian


Encyclopedia Articles on the Spanish Language:

Wikipedia: Spanish

Wikinfo: Spanish Language Spanish Language Spanish

Citizendium: Spanish

Easton: Spanish Materials for teaching and learning.

Wagner: Spanish A concise overview of the language.

Spanish proverbs and sayings with their English equivalents An alphabetical listing.

Courses on Spanish:

BBC Languages: Spanish Online courses for beginners and intermediate speakers.

Learn Spanish Free tutorials and drills.

Destinos: Introduction to Conversational Spanish A series of 52 lessons.

Spanish Grammar & Vocabulary Tutorials Extensive lessons.

Indo-European Languages: Spanish Tutorials

Spanish Grammar Exercises Interactive.

Webspañol Many different resources for learning Spanish.

e Learn Spanish Language Free resources for students and teachers.

Wikibooks: Spanish Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

Oxford University Language Centre: Spanish Links Links, language resources, literature, media, culture, maps, and more.

American Heritage Spanish/English Dictionary

Cliff Notes: Spanish I and Spanish II Study guides.

Syllabus Finder: Spanish Syllabuses on this subject.

iLoveLanguages: Spanish Dictionaries, schools, courses, and other resources.

Link Collections on Spanish:

Globegate Spanish Links Links to search engines, maps, campus Spanish pages, teaching organizations, grammars, online courses, and media.

Learn Spanish: Online Help Links

Librarians’ Internet Index: Spanish

Internet Public Library: Spanish

Mahalo: Spanish

Martindale’s: Spanish

Open Directory Project: Languages: Spanish, Dictionaries: Spanish, and Foreign Languages: Spanish

Yahoo Directory: Spanish



Encyclopedia Articles on Science:

Wikipedia: Science

Wikinfo: Science Science Science

Citizendium: Science

Science Encyclopedia

Eric Weisstein’s World of Science An encyclopedia of science with sections on biography, astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, and physics.

Texts on Science:

FreeScience Free online texts.

Wikibooks: Science Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

CK Foundation: FlexBooks: Science Free K–12 texts.

Science News:

ScienceDaily News about all areas of science.

New York Times: Science and Science Topics

BBC: Science & Nature

SciCentral Another science news site.

Science News Yet another science news site.

National Academy of Science: Science in the Headlines The science behind today’s news.

The Why Files Science behind the news.

BrightSurf: Science News and Current Events

EurekAlert Science news by subject.

Magazines and Journals on Science:

Scientific American


Discover Magazine

New Scientist

Open Science Directory A search tool for open access journal titles.

ScienceResearch A free portal to numerous scientific journals and public science databases.

National Science Digital Library The nation’s online library for education and research in

science, technology, engineering, & mathematics.

Scitopia Search engine that searches the entire electronic libraries of major science and technology disciplines.

Exploratorium Over 18,000 award-winning web pages exploring different topics.

Science for the Fun of It Links to whimsical and unusual “scientific” web sites.


            Science Links to PBS programs on science.

Teachers: Science & Tech Lesson plans and activities, links, recommended books, and articles from the field.


BBC: In Our Time: Science Archive Archive of radio programs related to science.

BBC: Science & Nature Archive of BBC science programs.

Courses on Science:

LearningSpace: Science and Nature Online courses on many science subjects.

Annenberg Media: Teacher Resources: Science Online courses.

Science NetLinks A guide to meaningful standards-based Internet experiences for science.

National Science Teachers Association: Learning Center Articles, simulations, and more.

Link Collections on Science:

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators: Science, Computing, & Technology

Librarians’ Internet Index: Science

Internet Public Library: Science & Technology

Open Directory Project: Science

Yahoo Directory: Science


Encyclopedia Articles on Anatomy:

Wikipedia: Anatomy

Wikinfo: Anatomy Anatomy Anatomy

Citizendium: Anatomy

Texts of Anatomy:

Anatomy Atlases Online texts.

Wikibooks: Anatomy and Human Anatomy Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

An Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology

Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body Full text of the 1918 classic.

            FreeScience: Anatomy Free online texts.

Virtual Tours of the Human Body:

The Virtual Body An illustrated tour of the human body.

Human Anatomy Online Interactive charts of human body systems.

Visual Human Project Complete, anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representations of the normal human body.

Instant Anatomy

Whole Brain Atlas A great collection of images of the brain. From Harvard Medical School.

Courses on Anatomy:

Free-Ed: Introduction to Anatomy A free video course.

World Lecture Hall: Anatomy Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

Syllabus Finder: Anatomy Syllabuses on this subject.

News Articles Related to Anatomy:

BrightSurf: Anatomy News, Research, and Current Events

News-Medical: Anatomy Research and Latest Discoveries

SurfWax: Anatomy News

Link Collections on Anatomy:

Internet Public Library: Anatomy & Physiology

Mahalo: Human Anatomy

Martindale’s: Anatomy & Histology Center

            Open Directory Project: Anatomy

Yahoo Directory: Anatomy


Encyclopedia Articles on Astronomy:

Wikipedia: Astronomy

Wikinfo: Astronomy Astronomy Astronomy

Citizendium: Astronomy

Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics

News related to astronomy:

Yahoo Full Coverage: Astronomy and Space

Topix: Astronomy News

New York Times Topics: Astronomy and Astrophysics and Space & Cosmos

National Geographic News: Science & Space

ScienceDaily: Astronomy News

EurekAlert: Space & Planetary News

PBS: Space Links to PBS programs on science.

Windows to the Universe The site is written in three reading levels approximating elementary, middle school and high school reading levels. University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR).

AstronomyOnline Explanations and resources.

Texts on Astronomy:

Wikibooks: Astronomy Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

Astronomy Notes An online textbook.

National Academies Press: Space and Aeronautics Recently published books online on these subjects.

FreeScience: Astronomy and Astrophysics Free online texts.

Directory of Open Access Journals: Astronomy A directory of astronomy journals that have content available online for free.

Astronomy Workshop Creative, interactive site. Created by Dr. Douglas P. Hamilton and students at U. Maryland.

Courses on Astronomy:

World Lecture Hall: Astronomy Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

Free-Ed: Astronomy Education

Astronomy Hypertextbook A series of online courses in astronomy.

Academic Earth: Astronomy Video lectures from the world’s top scholars.

Lectures Notes on Astronomy:

Astronomy 161: The Solar System (University of Tennessee)

Astronomy 162: Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology (University of Tennessee)

Cosmology (UCLA)

Varsity Notes: Astronomy A directory of free college lecture notes.

Syllabus Finder: Astronomy Syllabuses on this subject.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Many great resources including:

Solar System Exploration Information on NASA missions.

Earth Observatory

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

HubbleSite Pictures and information on space and the telescope.

U.S. Naval Observatory Many resources including the Astronomical Almanac Online, star catalogs, and much more.

Sky Maps:

Skymaps Download free monthly sky maps.

The Night Sky Live

AcademicBlogs: Astronomy Links to blogs by professors in this field.

Link Collections on Astronomy:

Astronomical Resources on the Internet

Librarians’ Internet Index: Astronomy

Internet Public Library: Astronomy

Mahalo: Astronomy

Martindale’s: Astronomy, Astrophysics & Astrobiology Center

Yahoo Directory: Astronomy

Open Directory Project: Astronomy


Encyclopedia Articles on Biology:

Wikipedia: Biology

Wikinfo: Biology Biology Biology

Citizendium: Biology

Animal Life Resource

Biology Project An interactive online resource for learning biology. From the University of Arizona.

Images of Biology:

Visual Dictionary: Vegetal Biology, Animal Biology, & Human Body

BIODIDAC A bank of digital resources for teaching biology.

Texts on Biology:

Wikibooks: Biology Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

On-Line Biology Book

National Academies Press: Biology and Life Sciences Recently published books online on these subjects.

Kimball’s Biology Pages

FreeScience: Biology Free online texts.

CK Foundation: FlexBooks: Biology Free K–12 texts.

Resource sites for biology teachers:

Biology Corner

BioEd Online

National Association of Biology Teachers

National Center for Science Education

Study Guides on Biology:

SparkNotes: Biology

Pink Monkey Study Guide: Biology

CliffsNotes: Biology, Biochemistry I, Biochemistry II, Microbiology, and Plant Biology

Directory of Open Access Journals: Biology A directory of biology journals that have content available online for free.

News Articles Related to Biology:

Yahoo Full Coverage: Biotechnology and Genetics

Topix: Biology News

National Geographic News: Animals & Nature

New York Times Topics: Biology and Biochemistry

Biology News Net

ScienceDaily: Biology News

EurekAlert: Biology

National Biological Information Infrastructure A great amount of information on biology.

Encyclopedia of Life A long-term project seeking to create a web page for every species.

Tree of Life Web Project Another project to catalog every species.

Smithsonian Institution: North American Mammals A searchable database of living mammals.

DNA from the Beginning Organized around key concepts, the site explains science behind each concept by animation, image gallery, video interviews, problem, biographies, and links.

Human Genome Explore the human genome and the impact of genes on health and society.

Cells Alive Film and computer-enhanced images of living cells.

Stem Cells in the Spotlight Information on stem cells from the University of Utah.

Courses on Biology:

MITOpenCourseware: Biology Free online courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

World Lecture Hall: Biology / Botany Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

Free-Ed: Biology Free biology courses and study resources.

Academic Earth: Biology Video lectures from the world's top scholars.

Lecture Notes on Biology:

Biology 100 University of Maryland

Biology 1 & 2 Clinton Community College

Varsity Notes: Biology A directory of free college lecture notes.

Syllabus Finder: Biology Syllabuses on this subject.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology: All About Birds 

Animal Info: Information on Endangered Mammals

Understanding Evolution Clear explanations of evolution, including an online course.

Evolution Resources From the National Academies

PBS: Creatures Links to PBS programs about animals.

Regents Exam Prep Center: Living Environment This nonprofit site helps high school students meet the New York State Regents requirements.

Science Niche: General Biology Guide Links for high school and college biology.

AcademicBlogs: Biology Links to blogs by professors in this field.

National Association of Biology Teachers: Instructional Materials Many resources.

Biology Browser Thomson Reuters’ free web site offering resources for the life sciences.

Link Collections on Biology:

BioLinks: Internet Resources for Biology Students From the Biology Department at Minnesota State University Moorhead.

MERLOT Biology Portal

Librarians’ Internet Index: Biology

Mahalo: Biology

Martindale’s: Bioscience & Biotechnology Center

Internet Public Library: Life Sciences

Wayne’s Word: An On-Line Textbook of Natural History

Open Directory Project: Biology

Yahoo Directory: Biology


Encyclopedia Articles on Chemistry:

Wikipedia: Chemistry

Wikinfo: Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry

Citizendium: Chemistry

News Articles Related to Chemistry:

Topix: Chemistry News

New York Times Topics: Chemistry

ScienceDaily: Chemistry News

Chemistry World

EurekAlert: Chemistry & Physics

General Chemistry Online Great place to begin. The site includes FAQs on chemistry, a library of common compounds, notes, tutorials, quizzes and exams to help you pass, and much more.

Study Guides on Chemistry:

SparkNotes: Chemistry Study Guides

PinkMonkey Study Guide: Chemistry

CliffsNotes: Chemistry, Organic Chemistry I, and Organic Chemistry II

Organic Chemistry Help Guides and tutorials.

Courses on Chemistry:

General Chemistry I Digital Lectures Video on flash.

Free-Ed: Chemistry Courses, notes, and resources.

World Lecture Hall: Chemistry Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

MITOpenCourseware: Chemistry Free online courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

UCLA Webcast: Chemistry 14 programs on general and organic chemistry.

Oxford Webcast Lecture Series Lectures in streamed video from leading figures in chemistry.

Academic Earth: Chemistry Video lectures from the world’s top scholars.

Intute: Interactive Chemistry Tutorials 92 pages that generate problems and provide solutions.

Texts on Chemistry:

Textbook Revolution: Chemistry Links to sites for books and includes links to free online texts and other resources.

Wikibooks: Chemistry Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

Chem 1 Virtual Textbook A text for first-year chemistry by Stephen Lower, a retired member of the Department of Chemistry, Simon Frasier University. His home page has many other resources.

National Academies Press: Chemistry Recently published books online on this subject.

FreeScience: Chemistry Free online texts.

CK Foundation: FlexBooks: Chemistry Free K–12 texts.

Lecture Notes on Chemistry:

Chemistry (Kurt M. Wicks)

General Chemistry (State University of New York, Oneonta)

Inorganic Chemistry (Tulane University)

Analytical Chemistry (University of Akron)

Varsity Notes: Chemistry A directory of free college lecture notes.

Syllabus Finder: Chemistry Syllabuses on this subject.

Directory of Open Access Journals: Chemistry A directory of academic journals that have content available online for free.

Periodic Tables:


Chemical Elements An interactive periodic table created by Yinon Bentor, originally as an eighth-grade science project.

Wooden Periodic Table Another highly creative periodic table.

Dynamic Periodic Table of Elements

Common Molecules Information on these molecules.

Chemistry of How Things Work Twelve case studies of chemistry in the products we use and the problems they presented.

Science Is Fun in the Lab of Shakhashiri University of Wisconsin-Madison Chemistry Professor Shakhashiri shares Chemical of the Week, Home Experiments, Web Sites, and more.

Chemical Heritage Foundation History, exhibits, and resources.

AcademicBlogs: Chemistry Links to blogs by professors in this field.

Regents Exam Prep Center: Chemistry This nonprofit site helps high school students meet the New York State Regents requirements.

Link Collections on Chemistry:

Chemdex A web directory of chemistry from the Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield, England.

Chemistry Zone Resources for introductory level, algebra-based chemistry.

Chemistry Guide A comprehensive collection of annotated links for chemists and researchers.

Martindale’s: Chemistry Center

MERLOT Chemistry Portal

Librarians’ Internet Index: Chemistry

Internet Public Library: Chemical Sciences (Chemistry)

Open Directory Project: Chemistry

Yahoo Directory: Chemistry

Environmental and Earth Science

Encyclopedia Articles on Environmental and Earth Science:

Wikipedia: Environmental and Earth Science

Wikinfo: Earth Science Environmental and Earth Science

Citizendium: Earth Science

Encyclopedia of Earth Articles on the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society.

News Related to Earth and Environmental Sciences:

New York Times: Environment

ScienceDaily: Earth & Climate News

EurekAlert: Earth Science and Atmospheric Science

National Geographic News: Environment

Environment News Service

Environmental News Network

Directory of Open Access Journals: Earth & Environmental Sciences A directory of journals that have content available online for free.

Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology A publication of ecological educational materials with links to many resources.

Courses on Earth and Environmental Sciences:

World Lecture Hall: Earth Science and Environmental Science Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

MITOpenCourseware: Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences Free online courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Free-Ed: Earth Science

Varsity Notes: Environmental Studies A directory of free college lecture notes.

Texts on Earth and Environmental Sciences:

Textbook Revolution: Earth Sciences Links to sites for books and includes links to free online texts and other resources.

National Academies Press: Earth Sciences and Environment and Environmental Studies Recently published books online on these subjects.

FreeScience: Ecology Free online texts.

CK Foundation: FlexBooks: Earth Science Free K–12 texts.

Syllabus Finder

Environmental Studies

Earth Science

CliffsNotes: Earth Sciences Study guide.

Virtual Courseware for Earth and Environmental Sciences Simulations of earthquakes, global warming, geologic dating, and river processes.

PBS: Earth & Habitat Links to Links to PBS programs on these subjects.

Scorecard: The Pollution Information Site

Environmental Protection Agency The U.S. government agency charged with protecting the environment.

Earth Guide An interactive guide to the Earth.

Online Guides: Meteorology Multimedia introduction to concepts in the atmospheric sciences.

Regents Exam Prep Center: Earth Science This non-profit site helps high school students meet the New York State Regents requirements.

AcademicBlogs: Earth Sciences Links to blogs by professors in this field.

Link Collections Earth and Environmental Sciences:

Yahoo Directory: Earth Sciences

Open Directory Project: Earth Sciences and Environment

See also Astronomy, Biology, and Geology.


Encyclopedia Articles on Geology:

Wikipedia: Geology

Wikinfo: Geology Geology Geology

News Articles Related to Geology:

Topix: Geology News The latest news related to geology.

Yahoo Full Coverage: Earthquakes and Volcanoes The latest news on these subjects.

Geology News

ScienceDaily: Geology News

Geology in the News

The Cutting Edge Resources for geoscience teachers on research and teaching methods.

The Fundamentals of Geology A series of online lessons.

A Video Survey of Geology An online course.

Lecture Notes on Geology:

Introduction to Geology (Malaspina University)

Physical Geology (Tulane University)

Geology 100 (University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point)

Geology 101: How the Earth Works (Bryn Mawr College)

Physical Geology and Historical Geology (Georgia Perimeter College)

Varsity Notes: Geology A directory of free college lecture notes.

Study Guides on Geology:

Essentials of Geology A study guide to the text.

CliffsNotes: Geology

Syllabus Finder: Geology Syllabuses on this subject.

Directory of Open Access Journals: Geology A directory of geology journals that have content available online for free.

U.S. Geological Survey: Geology Resources from the federal government.

The Dynamic Earth A multimedia presentation from the National Museum of Natural History on gems and minerals, plate tectonics and volcanoes, rocks and mining, and the solar system.

How Volcanoes Work The science behind volcanoes and volcanic processes.

Web Geological Time Machine A tour of the geological eras.

A Geologist’s Lifetime Field List A list with links of locations for geologists to visit.

Link Collections on Geology:

Geology Central A database of geological web sites.

Martindale’s: The Virtual Geoscience Center

Librarians’ Internet Index: Geology

Internet Public Library: Geology & Geophysics

Mahalo: Geology

Martindale’s: Geoscience Center

Open Directory Project: Geology

Yahoo Directory: Geology and Geophysics

See also Earth & Environmental Science.


Encyclopedia Articles on Health:

Wikipedia: Health and Health Science

Wikinfo: Health Science Public Health Health

Citizendium: Health Science

News Articles Related to Health:

National Geographic News: Health

Harvard School of Public Health: World Health News

BBC News: Health

NewsRx Database of medical news, disease research, and more.

EurekAlert: Medicine & Health

New York Times: Health

PBS: Health & Medicine Links to PBS programs on these subjects.

SparkNotes: Health Study Guides

Courses on Health:

World Lecture Hall: Health / Public Health / Nutrition Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

MITOpenCourseware: Health Sciences Free online courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Academic Earth: Medicine Video lectures from the world’s top scholars.

Syllabus Finder: Health Syllabuses on this subject.

Merck Manuals Online medical library for patients and caregivers.

Medem: Medical Library

MedScape Medical information for health professionals.

MedlinePlus Information on health topics.

Family Doctor Health information for the whole family.

Health on the Net Search engine for medical information.

WebMD More health information.

Great American Health Check A personalized plan of action to improve your health.

Internet Mental Health A free encyclopedia of mental health information.

National Institute of Mental Health

Mayo Clinic Much information on diseases & conditions, drugs & supplements, treatment decisions, healthy living, FAQs, and more.

Directory of Open Access Journals: Health Sciences A directory of journals on health that have content available online for free.

Blogs on Health:

RN Central: Top 50 Health 2.0 Blogs

Academic Blogs: Medicine

Texts on Health:

National Academies Press: Health and Medicine and Food and Nutrition Recently published books online on these subjects.

Textbook Revolution: Health Sciences & Medical Links to sites for books and includes links to free online texts and other resources.

FreeScience: Medicine Free online texts.

KidsHealth Information for parents, teenagers, and young children.

Simple Steps to Better Dental Health Explanations of dental problems and care.

Animated-Teeth Explanations and animations about dental topics and procedures.

Small Steps Tips for better health.

HealthFinder Health information.

Healthline More health information.

American Heart Association

Global Health Reporting The latest information on AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

World Health Organization The U.N. organization on public health.

National Institutes of Health News and information from the nation’s medical research agency.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Much information from the government’s public health agency.

HealthMap Global disease alert map.

PBS: Teachers: Health & Fitness Lesson plans and activities, links, recommended books, and articles from the field.  

Nutrition Source Knowledge for healthy eating. From Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health.

International Food Information Council Science-based information on food safety and nutrition. Information on food and nutrition for consumers.

Food Timeline A timeline of when particular foods began in human society with links to information and recipes. A great site!

Link Collections on Health:

Martindale’s: Health Science Guide

MERLOT Health Sciences Portal

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators: Health & Fitness

Yahoo Directory: Health

Open Directory Project: Health


Encyclopedia Articles on Physics:

Wikipedia: Physics

Wikinfo: Physics

Scholarpedia: Physics Physics Physics

Citizendium: Physics

News Articles on Physics:

Topix: Physics News

New York Times Topics: Physics

EurekAlert: Chemistry & Physics

Inside Science Research—Physics News Update

Magazines and Journals on Physics:

Physics Today


Directory of Open Access Journals: Physics A directory of physics journals that have content available online for free.

Physics Central Offers answers to questions, daily updates on physics in the news, descriptions of the latest research, and links.

Study Guides on Physics:

SparkNotes: Physics

PinkMonkey: Physics

CliffsNotes: Physics

Texts on Physics:

Wikibooks: Physics Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

National Academies Press: Math, Chemistry, & Physics Recently published books online on this subject.

Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table An online textbook designed to provide an in-depth treatment of this topic at the first-year college or advanced-HS level.

Light and Matter A series of introductory physics texts.

Calculus-Based Physics

College Physics for Students of Biology and Chemistry

Physics Hypertextbook

Textbook Revolution: Physics Links to sites for books and includes links to free online texts and other resources.

FreeScience: Physics Free online texts.

CK Foundation: FlexBooks: Physics Free K–12 texts. Links and a search engine that matches “your question, age and knowledge profile to the handpicked and refereed physics websites.”

Physics 2000 An interactive journey through modern physics. From University of Colorado, Boulder.

Hands-on CERN Project to explain particle collisions.

Einstein Light Five one-minute multimedia modules give an overview of Einsteinian physics.

MathPages: Physics Articles related to physics.

The Physics Zone A resource for learning introductory level, algebra based, physics.

HyperPhysics Physics concepts via hyperlinks.

Java Applets on Physics:

PHYSics appLETS Applets that demonstrate physics concepts. Physics Laboratory Java Simulations.

Physics Applets From University of Oregon Department of Physics.

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics Reviews of physics in movies.

Courses on Physics:

MITOpenCourseware: Physics Free online courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

World Lecture Hall: Physics Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

Free-Ed: Physics

Academic Earth: Physics Video lectures from the world’s top scholars.

Lecture Notes on Physics:

University of Winnipeg: Physics 1301: Introductory Physics Notes

Varsity Notes: Physics A directory of free college lecture notes.

Syllabus Finder: Physics Syllabuses on this subject.

Regents Exam Prep Center: Physics This nonprofit site helps high school students meet the New York State Regents requirements.

Physics Classroom A tutorial for high school students.

AcademicBlogs: Physics Links to blogs by professors in this field.

Science Niche: Physics Guide Links for high school physics.

Fear of Physics Links, a dictionary, homework help, and experts.

PBS: Physics Links to PBS programs on the subject.

Niels Bohr Library & Archive Transcripts of interviews with famous physicists.

Link Collections on Physics:

DC Physics

Martindale’s: Physics Center

MERLOT Physics Portal

Best Information on the Net: Physics

Librarians’ Internet Index: Physics

Internet Public Library: Physics

Mahalo: Physics

Martindale’s: Physics Center

Open Directory Project: Physics

Yahoo Directory: Physics



Encyclopedia Articles on Mathematics:

Wikipedia: Math and Portal: Mathematics

Wikinfo: Mathematics Mathematics Math

Citizendium: Math

1911 Britannica: Math

Encyclopedia of Mathematics An up-to-date, comprehensive graduate-level reference work.

PlanetMath: Encyclopedia A work created and edited by members.

SparkNotes: Math Study Guides Guides on pre-algebra; geometry I, II, & III; algebra I & II; trigonometry; pre-calculus; and calculus AB, BC I, & BC II.

News Articles Related to Math:

Topix: Mathematics News

New York Times Topics: Mathematics

EurekAlert: Mathematics

ScienceDaily: Mathematics

Magazines and Journals on Math:

Scientific American: Math News and articles from the magazine.

Directory of Open Access Journals: Mathematics and Statistics A directory of math journals that have content available online for free.

WebMath Over 100 instant-answer, self-help math solvers provide help on math problems. Also browse completely solved math problems.

Math24–7 A collaborative community for students, educators, parents, and others to help each other with learning and teaching math.

SOS Math A free resource for math review material from algebra to differential equations.

Math Forum at Drexel Tremendous resources for all levels of math.

MathWorld An extensive mathematics resource.

MathPages Articles on many subjects in math.

Dan’s Math Great all-purpose site with lessons, links, podcasts, a blog, and more.

NRICH Free mathematics enrichment resources for pupils of all ages and teachers. From University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Education and the Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles Many puzzles dealing with all levels of math.

Math10 Explanations and lessons on many areas of math.

Coolmath Fun stuff for all levels of math.

Collection of 279 Math Applets Interactive formulas for math at different levels.

Cut the Knot Hundreds of math applets for arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and more.

Open Problem Garden A collection of unsolved problems in mathematics.

Intermath A professional development effort designed to support teachers in algebra, geometry, number concept, and data analysis.

Texts on Math:

American Mathematical Society: Links to Mathematics Books Online

Wikibooks: Mathematics Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

National Academies Press: Math and Statistics Recently published books online on these subjects.

Textbook Revolution: Math Links to sites for books and includes links to free online texts and other resources.

Textbooks in Mathematics Links to many free online textbooks.

Online Mathematics Textbooks Links to more texts.

FreeScience: Mathematics Free online texts.

CK Foundation: FlexBooks: Mathematics Free K–12 texts.

National Science Digital Library The nation’s online library for education and research in

science, technology, engineering, & mathematics.

Mathematical Association of America: Digital Library Classroom resources and online journals, books, and book reviews.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: Illuminations Lessons, standards, tools, and resources.

PBS Teachers: Math Lesson plans and activities, links, recommended books, and articles from the field.

PlainMath: General Math Articles and resources.

Online Math Courses:

MITOpenCourseware: Mathematics Free online courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Free-Ed: Mathematics Master the fundamentals of basic arithmetic without being treated as a six-year old.

Annenberg Media: Teacher Resources: Mathematics

World Lecture Hall: Mathematics Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

Lecture Notes on Math:

Open Notes on a wide range of subjects.

Varsity Notes: Mathematics A directory of free college lecture notes.

Broadcasts and Podcasts on Math:

The Math Factor Quality math talk since 2004, a production of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

   Discussion of the math behind many real life topics.

Math Mutation Podcast Short podcasts for people of all ages, exploring fun, interesting, or weird corners of math.

MathVids Free math instructional videos from middle school to college level.

Courses on Math:

MITOpenCourseWare: Mathematics

Academic Earth: Mathematics Video lectures from the world’s top scholars.

Regents Exam Prep Center: Math A Math B This nonprofit site helps high school students meet the New York State Regents requirements.

AcademicBlogs: Mathematics & Statistics Links to blogs by professors in these fields.

History of Mathematics:

4000 Years of Numbers

1,000 Years of Mathematics

MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive Large collection of articles and biographies.

Link Collections on Math:

MERLOT Mathematics Portal

American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges: Online Resource

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators: Mathematics

Librarians’ Internet Index: Mathematics

Martindale’s: Mathematics Center

Yahoo Directory: Mathematics

Internet Public Library: Mathematics

Mahalo: Mathematics

Open Directory Project: Math

Basic Math

A+ Math A site to help students improve their math skills interactively.

Worksheet Creators:

SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator The site creates worksheets for problems in addition, subtraction, mixed addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, rounding, averages, and more.

Math Worksheet

CliffsNotes: Basic Math & Pre-Algebra and Word Problems Study guides.

BBC: Revisewise Maths The site is aimed at students preparing for British National Curriculum Tests.

KidsNumbers A place to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Math Glossary For grades K–6.

Math Flashcards for Kids Creates online flashcards.

Coolmath4Kids Geometry, fractions, and a lot of fun stuff.


Encyclopedia Articles on Algebra:

Wikipedia: Algebra Algebra Algebra

Citizendium: Algebra

1911 Britannica: Algebra

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Algebra

Courses on Algebra:

Free-Ed: Mathematics:


Shockwave Lessons in Algebra

Video Lectures for Algebra AP and college level.

Purple Math: Practical Algebra Lessons A complete set of lessons on beginning, intermediate, and advanced algebra.

Lessons in PowerPoint: Algebra 1 and Algebra 2

Introduction to Algebra A short overview.

Study Guides:

PinkMonkey Study Guide: Algebra

CliffsNotes: Algebra I, Algebra II, and Linear Algebra

Syllabus Finder: Algebra Syllabuses on this subject.

Texts on Algebra:

Wikibooks: Algebra Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

A First Course in Linear Algebra An online text.

Understanding Algebra An online version of James Brennan’s Understanding Algebra.

Just the Maths An online book on algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and beyond.

FreeScience: Algebra Free online texts.

CK Foundation: FlexBooks: Algebra Free K–12 texts.

Coolmath: Algebra Lessons on pre-algebra, algebra 1, and algebra 2.

PlainMath: Algebra Articles and resources.

Algebra Help A collection of lessons, calculators, and worksheets created to assist students and teachers of algebra.

MathPages: Algebra Articles on many topics in algebra.

MathWorld: Algebra

Math Motivation How algebra applies to careers and everyday life.

Algebra Notes Class notes for a college-level algebra course.

4000 Years of Algebra A lecture on the history of algebra.

Link Collections on Algebra:

Librarians’ Internet Index: Algebra

Internet Public Library: Algebra

Mahalo: Algebra

Martindale’s: Algebra I & II

Open Directory Project: Algebra

Yahoo Directory: Algebra


Encyclopedia Articles on Geometry:

Wikipedia: Geometry Geometry Geometry

Citizendium: Geometry

Courses on Geometry:

Geometry An online course with lessons, sample problems, and a glossary.

Geometry Lessons in PowerPoint

Geometry Step by Step From the Land of the Incas

PinkMonkey Study Guide: Geometry

Syllabus Finder: Geometry Syllabuses on this subject.

Texts on Geometry:

Euclid’s Elements An interactive version of Euclid’s classic text on geometry.

Wikibooks: Geometry Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

FreeScience: Geometry Free online texts.

CK Foundation: FlexBooks: GeometryFree K–12 texts.

The Geometry Junkyard Lesson plans and teaching materials.

PlainMath: Geometry Articles and resources.

MathPages: Geometry Articles on many topics in geometry.

MathWorld: Geometry

Archimedes’ Lab Puzzles & tests, optical illusions, custom puzzles, teachers’ resource, curiosities, art & language.

4000 Years of Geometry A lecture on the history of geometry.

Link Collections on Geometry:

Geometry in Action

Math Forum: Geometry

Librarians’ Internet Index: Geometry

Internet Public Library: Geometry and Trigonometry

Mahalo: Geometry

Martindale’s: Geometry

Open Directory Project: Geometry

Yahoo Directory: Geometry


Encyclopedia Articles on Trigonometry:

Wikipedia: Trigonometry Trigonometry Trigonometry

Citizendium: Trigonometry

1911 Britannica: Trigonometry

Dave’s Short Trig Course An introduction to trigonometry. From David E. Joyce, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Clark University.

PinkMonkey Study Guide: Trigonometry

Syllabus Finder: Trigonometry Syllabuses on this subject.

Texts on Trigonometry:

Trigonometric Delights

Trigonometry 1914 text by Alfred Monroe Kenyon and Louis Ingold.

Wikibooks: Trigonometry Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

CK Foundation: FlexBooks: Trigonometry Free K–12 texts.

Trigonometry: Trigonometric Functions and Identities in Math Basic trig.

PlainMath: Trigonometry Articles and resources.

Trigonometry Applets and examples.

Link Collections on Trigonometry:

Internet Public Library: Geometry and Trigonometry

Open Directory Project: Trigonometry

Yahoo Directory: Trigonometry


Encyclopedia Articles on Calculus:

Wikipedia: Calculus Calculus Calculus

Lecture Notes on Calculus:

Calculus I Complete notes for a college-level calculus course.

Varsity Notes: Calculus A directory of free college lecture notes.

Calculus on the Web A utility for learning and practicing calculus with immediate feedback.

Karl’s Calculus Tutor An online course.

The Calculus Page Resources and links.

eCalculus A tutorial with detailed discussions of topics, typeset quality mathematics, multiple choice quizzes, examples and exercises with complete solutions, and pop-up graphics.

Study Guides on Calculus:

PinkMonkey Study Guide: Calculus

CliffsNotes: Precalculus and Calculus

Syllabus Finder: Calculus Syllabuses on this subject.

The Calculus AB Bible (Word document) A guide to formulas of derivatives and integrals, properties of logarithms and derivatives, and more.

Online Calculus Textbooks:

Understanding Calculus


A Summary of Calculus PDF file.

The Calculus

UBC Calculus

Difference Equations to Differential Equations

Wikibooks: Calculus Texts Open-content textbooks that anyone can edit.

Whitman Calculus

Vector Calculus

FreeScience: Calculus Free online texts.

CK Foundation: FlexBooks: Calculus Free K–12 texts.

Visual Calculus A collection of modules that can be used in teaching or studying calculus.

CyberCalc An interactive learning environment for calculus.

MathPages: Calculus and Differential Equations Articles on many topics.

MathWorld: Calculus and Analysis

Harvey Mudd College: Mathematics Online Tutorial Tutorials for pre-calculus, calculus, and beyond.

Link Collections on Calculus:

The Calculus Page

Internet Public Library: Calculus and Advanced Mathematics

Mahalo: Calculus

Martindale’s: Calculus

Open Directory Project: Calculus

Yahoo Directory: Calculus


Encyclopedia Articles on Statistics and Probability:

Wikipedia: Statistics and Probability

Wikinfo: Statistics Statistics and Probability Statistics and Probability

Citizendium: Statistics and Probability

Statistics Every Writer Should Know A simple guide to understanding basic statistics for those who might not know math.

MathPages: Probability & Statistics Articles on many topics.

MathWorld: Probability and Statistics

PinkMonkey: Statistics Study Guide

Online Texts on Statistics and Probability:

HyperStat An introductory statistics text.


Introduction to Probability

National Academies Press: Math and Statistics Recently published books online on these subjects.

The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice

FreeScience: Probability and Statistics Free online texts.

CK Foundation: FlexBooks: Probability Free K–12 texts.

Courses on Statistics and Probability:

World Lecture Hall: Statistics Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

Probability Tutorials An online course in probability.

Probability by Surprise Applets to engage learners and lecture notes.

Java Demos for Probability and Statistics

Syllabus Finder: Statistics Syllabuses on this subject.

Materials for the History of Statistics

STATS Devoted to checking out facts and figures in the news.

Journal of Statistics Education A free online publication.

Link Collections on Statistics and Probability:

Statistical Science Web A portal for statistical science.

Robin Lock’s Page A math professor’s links to statistical sites.

Mahalo: Probability and Statistics

Martindale’s: Statistics

MERLOT Statistics Portal

Open Directory Project: Statistics

Yahoo Directory: Statistics

See also Statistical Data



Encyclopedia Articles on the Arts:

Wikipedia: Arts

Wikinfo: Art Art Arts

Citizendium: Arts

1911 Britannica: Arts

ArtsEdge Free standards-based teaching materials, professional development resources, student materials, and guidelines for arts-based instruction and assessment.

PBS Teachers: The Arts Lesson plans and activities, links, recommended books, and articles from the field.

EDSITEment: Art & Culture Lesson plans and links.

Courses on the Arts:

Lectures Archive: Arts / Literature / Religion Video and audio lectures on these academic topics.

TeacherTube: Fine Arts Videos for teaching and learning.

Annenberg Media: Teacher Resources: Arts Online courses.

artsJournal A digest of stories about arts and culture culled from more than 200 English-language publications.

Link Collections on the Arts:

Martindale’s: Arts & Entertainment

Yahoo Directory: Arts

Open Directory Project: Arts

See also Art History.


Encyclopedia Articles on Architecture:

Wikipedia: Architecture

Wikinfo: Architecture Architecture Architecture

Citizendium: Architecture

1911 Britannica: Architecture

Exhibitions of Buildings:

The Great Buildings Collection Buildings and architects from ancient times to the present.

Cities and Buildings Database A collection of digitized images of buildings and cities drawn from across time and throughout the world.

Tall Buildings A MOMA exhibition featuring large-scale models, drawings, and photographs of 25 skyscrapers from around the world.

Built in America The Library of Congress’ collection of images of American buildings.

American Architecture Awards An exhibit of award-winning buildings.

America’s Favorite Architecture Top architecture projects selected by the American public.

Courses on Architecture:

World Lecture Hall: Architecture / Building Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

MITOpenCourseware: Architecture Free online courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Syllabus Finder: Architecture Syllabuses on this subject. 

Cyburbia A portal site for urban planners and others interested in cities and the built environment.

PBS: Architecture Links to PBS programs on this subject.

Directory of Open Access Journals: Architecture A directory of architecture journals that have content available online for free.

Blogs on Architecture:

A Daily Dose of Architecture

AcademicBlogs: Architecture Links to blogs by professors in this field.

Link Collections on Architecture:

WWW Virtual Library: History of Architecture Links on the history from ancient times to the present.

Architecture on the Web

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators: Art & Architecture

Librarians’ Internet Index: Architecture

Voice of the Shuttle: Architecture

Internet Public Library: Architecture

Open Directory Project: Architecture

Yahoo Directory: Architecture


Encyclopedia Articles on Music:

Wikipedia: Music

Wikinfo: Music Music Music

Citizendium: Music

1911 Britannica: Music

Music-Web Encyclopedia

Courses on Music:

Free-Ed: Music

Teacher Resources: Exploring the World of Music A video series on the elements of music.

World Lecture Hall: Music Free online course materials from colleges around the world.

MITOpenCourseware: Music and Theater Arts Free online courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Varsity Notes: Music A directory of free college lecture notes.

Syllabus Finder: Music Syllabuses on this subject.

Directory of Open Access Journals: Music A directory of academic journals on music that have content available online for free.

Music Dictionaries:

Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary

Dolmetsch Music Dictionary

AcademicBlogs: Music Links to blogs by professors in this field.

Visual Dictionary: Music A visual dictionary of musical instruments.

Instrument Encyclopedia Information on hundreds of musical instruments.

PBS: Music Links to PBS programs on this subject.

allmusic Coverage of all types of music, with histories, biographies, and commentaries.

Classical Music Sites:

Classical Music Pages History, biographies of composers, explanations of the various musical forms, and a dictionary of musical terminologies.

DW3: Classical Music Resources Links to information on composers, databases, and other resources.

ClassicalNet Many resources.

Essentials of Music Basic information about classical music.

Jazz Sites:

A Passion for Jazz History of jazz origins, styles, and musicians with photo gallery, timeline, festivals, and online lessons.

What Is Jazz? A four-part lecture series by Dr. Billy Taylor.

WNUR-FM JazzWeb Information on styles of jazz, artists, performances, instruments, media, art, education, and other resources on the Internet.

Ethnomusicology, Folk Music, and World Music Contents Extensive resources.

OperaGlass Detailed information on many operas.

Musipedia A searchable, editable, and expandable collection of tunes, melodies, and musical themes.

Musicals 101: The Cyber Encyclopedia of Musical Theatre, TV and Film Articles on all aspects of musical theater.

Blue Gobo An archive of musical theater performances on video—from the 1950s to present.

Link Collections on Music:

Internet Resources for Music Scholars Reference tools, media, databases, digital music collections, music meta-sites, organizations, music departments, and more.

O’Keefe Library: Music

Worldwide Internet Music Resources From the William and Gayle Cook Music Library, Indiana University.

Librarians’ Internet Index: Music

Internet Public Library: Music

Martindale’s: Music Center

Yahoo Directory: Music

Open Directory Project: Music


Encyclopedia Articles on Dance:

Wikipedia: Dance

Wikinfo: Dance Dance Dance

Citizendium: Dance

1911 Britannica: Dance

PBS: Dance Links to PBS programs on dance.

Syllabus Finder: Dance Syllabuses on this subject.

Voice of Dance Reviews, dance company listings, news, and more.

Dance Pages Resources for teaching and learning dance.

Dance Links Listing of dance companies by type of dance, performance listings, organizations, and more.

Link Collections on Dance:

Sapphire Swan Dance Directory Links categorized by types of dance.

Librarians’ Internet Index: Dance

Internet Public Library: Dance

Open Directory Project: Dance

Yahoo Directory: Dance

Painting & Drawing

Encyclopedia Articles on Painting and Drawing:

Wikipedia: Painting and Drawing

Wikinfo: Painting and Drawing Painting and Drawing Painting and Drawing

Citizendium: Painting and Drawing

1911 Britannica: Painting and Drawing

Art School Online Lessons on drawing and painting.

Drawing Materials and Drawing Techniques—An Introduction Short summaries of different techniques with links, a bibliography, and readings.

Syllabus Finder: Painting and Drawing

AccessArt A collection of visual arts learning resources.

Link Collections on Painting and Drawing:

Librarians’ Internet Index: Drawing

Internet Public Library: Painting and Drawing

Open Directory Project: Painting and Drawing

Yahoo Directory: Painting and Drawing & Sketching

Acting & Other Performing Arts

Encyclopedia Articles on Acting and the Performing Arts:

Wikipedia: Acting and Performing Arts

Wikinfo: Acting and Performance Art Acting Acting and Performing Arts

Citizendium: Acting

1911 Britannica: Performing Arts

ABWAG Resources on acting.

Acting Workshop On-Line Tips and lessons.

Professional Acting Resources Articles, information, and books on film and television acting.

An Actors Resource for Basic Technique Information on warm-up, character, script, rehearsal, and other tips. 

TheatrGroup: Method Acting Procedures Techniques and procedures of method acting.

Royal National Theatre: Stagework Media and curriculum resources for teachers and students.

Actingbiz Online resource for working actors.

Actor’s Checklist Resources for working actors.

Syllabus Finder: Acting Syllabuses on this subject.

Directory of Open Access Journals: Performing Arts A directory of academic journals that have content available online for free.

(Exit Stage Left . . . No, Your Left) A blog on acting.

Internet Broadway Database The official database for Broadway theater information.

Link Collections on the Performing Arts:

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators: Performing Arts: Dance, Music, & Drama

WWW Virtual Library: Theatre and Drama

Open Directory Project: Performing Arts

Yahoo Directory: Performing Arts

See also Film & TV

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