Diversity Programs

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Appellate Court Experience (ACE) familiarizes students with our judicial system through an introductory PowerPoint presentation, a visit to the California State Court of Appeal, and a culminating classroom session in which students role play justices and decide the case they observed during their visit.

The Civic Action Project (CAP) is a partnership of the Annenberg Foundation and Constitutional Rights Foundation. It features web-based resources including lessons aligned with your 12th-grade government standards, policy-fueled Civic Action Projects, professional development by CRF, and stipends for participating teachers. The CAP website also features teacher-generated lessons and feedback, student blogs detailing each step of their projects, and a login feature to make comments and suggestions.

Courtroom to Classroom brings judge and attorney teams to classrooms where they engage students in PowerPoint-driven lessons about the Constitution and Bill of Rights and help them apply the content through moot court activities. The curriculum materials are designed to support 8th grade U.S. history, 11th grade U.S. history, or 12th grade government courses.

Expanding Horizons Internships provides school-to-work experiences through paid internships, weekly civic engagement, and higher education preparation through workshops on SAT preparation, the college application process, financial aid, and campus life.

Los Angeles Mock Trial is a performance-based program created to help students acquire a working knowledge of our judicial system, develop analytical abilities and communication skills, and gain an understanding of their rights and responsibilities as citizens in our democratic society. The Mock Trial program also supports the mastery of state content standards for history and social science.