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Los Angeles County Mock Trial Download Forms

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2017-2018 Case Materials

People v. Davidson Case Packet - Password sent to registered schools.

Errata - 12/1/17

Summary of Teacher/Coach Questions

People v. Davidson Case Brief

2017-18 Lesson Plan 

Competition Forms

 Print and bring the following forms to each trial:

Observer Form
- (1 per round) Each team (both prosecution and defense) is required to designate an adult to serve as official Courtroom Observer/Chaperone.  No one should enter the courtroom until the observers have entered and completed a survey of the room. The courtroom should be left exactly as it was prior to the trial. Form must be turned in to the presider at the end of trial.

Team Roster - (6 per round) Each team must provide one copy to:

  • CRF Staff - during team check-in
  • Presider
  • Each attorney scorer
  • Opposing team

Timesheet - Clerk & unofficial timer (1 per round)

Competition Information

Mock Trial Simplified Rules of Evidence

Clerk and Bailiff Notes

2016-2017 Attorney/Judge Handbook

Scoresheet sample








How to Write a Letter to Your Legislator

Sample Fundraising Packet