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Active Citizenship Today (ACT)

Active Citizenship Today (ACT) Online

ACT_05_cover_small.jpgFor more than a decade, CRF's Active Citizenship Today (ACT) program has offered an exciting approach to civic education through service learning. The newly revised ACT curriculum helps students develop citizenship skills and knowledge while they plan and implement service-learning projects. This newly updated ACT curriculum consists of three components:

The ACT Handbook for Teachers (Second Edition) features new lesson plans, reproducible worksheets, and a complete explanation of ACT's structure, goals, and teaching methods. It now includes a section on implementing ACT throughout a school or district.

The ACT Field Guide (Second Edition) is a lively, full-color, user-friendly student handbook full of tips, methods, and profiles. This practical guide is designed to support ACT lessons and provide students with resources for all stages of a service-learning project. A final section features skills that students may need to develop during a project, e.g., how to conduct interviews, persuade others, speak in public, conduct opinion polls, raise funds, run meetings, and much more.

ACT Online: Links to additional resources.

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