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Catalog Terrorism in America

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Terrorism in America 

terror.jpgWhat can a democracy do to protect itself? Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, Americans must confront troubling issues about terrorism. Terrorism in America provides current and historical perspectives on these issues. Terrorism in America includes interactive lessons on:

  • The September 11 attacks
  • The Oklahoma City bombing
  • How other countries handle terrorism
  • Military tribunals
  • America’s response to terrorism in 1919
  • Changing our Constitution
  • Talk radio
  • Free speech cases
  • Conspiracy theories

Also included:

  • Lessons to help students do a service project
  • Teacher instructions for all lessons

All lessons have master copies ready for easy duplication. This curriculum was originally developed following the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. It was revised, updated, and expanded after the September 11 attacks. On our web site, we have also developed America Responds to Terrorism, a collection of online lessons and resources. Included are much of the material from Terrorism in America, additional lessons, and a huge collection of links to lessons, media sources, government sources, and information on the Middle East, Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden, maps and geography, Islam, tolerance, think tanks, commentary, and other collections of links on terrorism. This site is constantly updated.

Terrorism in America, 2nd Ed., 90 pp., Price: $12.95

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