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Catalog: CityYouth Today

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CityYouth is a middle-school curriculum that integrates civic education and service learning into the core academic subjects: social studies, language arts, science, and math. CityYouth’s interactive lessons support team teaching, cooperative learning, portfolio assessment, and student service-learning projects. CityYouth students use critical-thinking skills to analyze issues and reinforces basic reading, writing, and math skills. CityYouth lessons support a variety of academic and performance standards in each core subject area as well as in civics/government and problem-solving.

CityYouth: Today’s Communities

Sample Lesson (PDF)

cy_todays.jpgThis version of CityYouth contains 32 sequential, developmental lessons organized around four themes: Crime & Safety, Harmony, Health & Well-Being, and Environment. The lessons include readings, role plays, and simulations that help students use higher-level thinking skills to identify and analyze issues in their own school and community. In addition, CityYouth guides students toward applying the concepts and skills they learn while they plan, complete, and evaluate service-learning projects. CityYouth: Today’s Communities is used in the regular middle-school classroom and has also been successfully implemented as an after-school and core-advisory curriculum.

CityYouth Teacher's Guide
The complete curriculum consisting of four eight-lesson units; repro-ready masters of every student handout and worksheet; classroom and community teaching strategies; tools, methods, and rubrics for program evaluation and student assessment; and a valuable community action resource guide.

CityYouth: Today's Communities Teacher's Guide, 294 pp., Price: $39.95

The complete set of student-friendly, 2-color CityYouth handouts, worksheets, and cooperative learning checkpoints, with graphics. 
CityYouth: Workbook, 132 pp. (Set of 10), Price: $32.95
CityYouth: Today Communities Class Set (1 Teacher's Guide, 40-Workbooks, Action Packs, and Certificates),Price: $260.95


Teacher staff development for CityYouth is now available!  CityYouth, our multidisciplinary citizenship and service-learning program for middle schools, is sweeping the country. Now you too can receive intensive CityYouth training. Two-day trainings are conducted on a regional basis and prepare administrators and teachers in all CityYouth fundamentals: Curriculum, project development, and implementation. Materials are provided. To find out more about this exciting opportunity, contact us at (800) 488-4CRF.
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