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Research Links to the best Internet research sites. This is the best place to start your Internet research.

Famous Trials in World History Links

LRE/Social Studies Links

Law-Related Education/Civics, Youth Courts Links to law-related education and civics organizations.

Social Studies Content Standards Links Access to social studies standards in every U.S. state and to various national standards.

Issues Links

School Violence Links to many resources dealing with school violence.

Terrorism Links to many resources dealing with terrorism.

Area Studies  Area and Country Studies Links

ImpeachmentA comprehensive list of reliable links on impeachment.

Publications Links

Active Citizenship Today (ACT) Links

Adventures in Law and History Links, Volume I

Adventures in Law and History Links, Volume II

CityWorks Links

CityYouth: Ancient History Links

CityYouth: U.S. History Links

Of Codes & Crowns Links

Criminal Justice in America, 4th Edition Links

Of Democrats & Dictators Links

The Immigration Debate Links

Landmarks: Historic U.S. Supreme Court Decisions

Project History Links

Take Charge Links


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