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Encyclopedia Articles on Watergate:

Encarta: Watergate

Wikipedia: Watergate Scandal

Columbia Encyclopedia: Watergate Affair Watergate

Nixon Presidential Library: The Nixon White House Tapes Online

C-SPAN: Nixon White House Phone Calls

Encyclopedia Articles on the Saturday Night Massacre: Saturday Night Massacre

Wikipedia: Saturday Night Massacre

Encarta: Saturday Night Massacre

InfoPlease: Saturday Night Massacre

The Gerald Ford Library: The Watergate Files

Watergate — Further Readings Overview of the scandal.

Washington Post: The Watergate Story An archive of the newspaper’s stories on this subject. Website devoted to providing information on the scandal.

Digital History: Watergate

Spartacus Educational: Watergate Scandal An overview of the scandal, biographies of those involved, and links.


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Yahoo Directory: Watergate

Baker v. Carr (1962)

Oyez: Baker v. Carr A brief summary of the case with links to the oral argument, briefs, and written opinion.

Baker v. Carr — Further Readings

Encyclopedia Articles:

Wikipedia: Baker v. Carr

Encarta: Baker v. Carr

InfoPlease: Baker v. Carr Baker v. Carr

Text of the Case:

FindLaw: Baker v. Carr

Legal Information Institute: Baker v. Carr

Justia: Baker v. Carr

U.S. v. Nixon (1974)

Encyclopedia Articles:

Wikipedia: U.S. v. Nixon

InfoPlease: U.S. v. Nixon U.S. v. Nixon

Landmark Supreme Court Cases: U.S. v. Nixon Resources include background summaries, key excerpts of the majority opinion, and a diagram of how this case moved through the court system.

Oyez: U.S. v. Nixon A brief summary of the case with links to the oral argument, briefs, and written opinion.

United States v. Nixon — Further Readings Overview of the case.

Text of the Case:

Legal Information Institute: U.S. v. Nixon

FindLaw: U.S. v. Nixon

Justia: U.S. v. Nixon


Yahoo Directory: U.S. v. Nixon

Google Directory: U.S. v. Nixon

Open Directory Project: U.S. v. Nixon

Executive Privilege

Encyclopedia Articles:

Wikipedia: Executive Privilege

Encarta: Executive Privilege

InfoPlease: Executive Privilege Executive Privilege

MSNBC: What Is Executive Privilege?

Law Library: American Law and Legal Information: Executive Privilege History of the privilege.

Congressional Research Service: Presidential Claims of Executive Privilege: History, Law, Practice and Recent Developments A comprehensive federal agency resource on executive privilege.


NPR: What Are the Limits of Executive Privilege? (Audio file)

Slate: Executive Nonsense: Bush’s assertion of privilege is wildly misplaced—and could lead to another Watergate By Bruce Fein.

Did the Press Uncover Watergate? By Edward Jay Epstein.

Duke Law Journal: Executive Privilege Revived?: Secrecy and Conflict During the Bush Presidency Article by Mark J. Rozell.

Iowa Law Review: Secrecy and Separated Powers: Executive Privilege Revisited Article by Heidi Kitrosser, University of Minnesota School of Law

Richard Nixon

Encyclopedia Articles: Richard Nixon

Encarta: Richard Nixon

Wikipedia: Richard Nixon

InfoPlease: Richard Nixon

The White House: Richard Nixon

Law Library: American Law and Legal Information: Richard Milhous Nixon — Further Readings, Cross-references


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Yahoo Directory: Richard Nixon

Special Prosecutors

Encyclopedia Articles:

Wikipedia: Special Prosecutor

Encarta: Special Prosecutor

InfoPlease: Special Prosecutor Special Prosecutor

Biographies of Archibald Cox:

Encarta: Archibald Cox

            Wikipedia: Archibald Cox

   Archibald Cox

Law Library: American Law and Legal Information: Archibald Cox

Biographies of Leon Jaworski: Leon Jaworski

Encarta: Leon Jaworski

Wikipedia: Leon Jaworski

Law Library: American Law and Legal Information: Leon Jaworski


U.S. v. Richard Nixon: The Final Crisis By Frank Mankiewicz

Executive Privilege: A Constitutional Myth By Raoul Berger

Executive Privilege: The Dilemma of Secrecy and Democratic Accountability By Mark J. Rozell.

The Politics of Executive Privilege By Louis Fisher.

Watergate By Fred Emery.

All the President’s Men By Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.

Citizendium: Richard Nixon Bibliography

Nixon Archives: Research Bibliography