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Marbury v. Madison

Oyez: Marbury v. Madison Summary of the case and link to the opinion.

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PBS: Supreme Court History: Marbury v. Madison

Click2FamousTrials: Marbury v. Madison: A Story about the U.S. Constitution A long article on the case.

Landmark U.S. Supreme Court Cases: Marbury v. Madison Resources include background summaries, key excerpts of the majority opinion, and a diagram of how this case moved through the court system.

Digital History: War on the Judiciary An online text.

Marbury v. Madison — Further Readings


Text of the Case:

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Judiciary Act

The Judiciary Act of 1789 Background and text of the act.

Federal Judicial History: Judiciary Act of 1801 Background and text.

Judiciary Act of 1789 — Further Readings

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Judiciary Act of 1789

Judiciary Act of 1801

Judiciary Act of 1789

Judiciary Act of 1801

Judicial Review

Encyclopedia Articles:

Encarta: Judicial Review Judicial Review

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Exploring Constitutional Conflicts: Judicial Review

FindLaw: The Establishment of Judicial Review

Judicial Review — Further Readings A nice overview. 

InfoPlease: Judicial Review A dictionary definition.



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Political Parties

Encyclopedia Articles:


Democratic Republican Party

Federalist Party

Democratic-Republican Party

Federalist Party


Democratic-Republican Party

Federalist Party

John Adams

Encyclopedia Articles:

Encarta: John Adams

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InfoPlease: John Adams John Adams

Citizendium: John Adams

The White House: John Adams

American Presidents: John Adams


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Thomas Jefferson

Encyclopedia Articles:

Encarta: Thomas Jefferson

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John Marshall

Encyclopedia Articles:

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The Supreme Court Historical Society: John Marshall

From Revolution to Reconstruction: John Marshall

Further Readings — John Marshall


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James Madison

Encyclopedia Articles:

Encarta: James Madison

Wikipedia: James Madison

InfoPlease: James Madison James Madison

The White House: James Madison

James Madison Center: Madison’s Life in His Own Words

Papers of James Madison


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William Marbury

Encyclopedia Articles:

Wikipedia: William Marbury William Marbury


James Madison Center: Marbury’s Travail: Federalist Politics and William Marbury’s Appointment as Justice of the Peace


Hacking the Law: Marbury v. Madison: Our First Legal Hack? A blog commentary on the case.

FindLaw: The 200th Anniversary of Marbury v. Madison: The Reasons We Should Still Care about the Decision, and the Lingering Questions it Left Behind A discussion of the case by Joel Grossman, professor of political science at the Johns Hopkins University.

Duke Law Journal: A Critical Guide to Marbury v. Madison (PDF file) A 1969 article by William W. Van Alstyne, professor at Duke Law School.

Wake Forest Law Review: The Rhetorical Uses of Marbury v. Madison: The Emergence of a ‘Great Case’ Article by Davison M. Douglas, professor at Marshall-Wythe School of Law.

Modern Law Review: Marbury v Madison at 200: Revisionist Scholarship and the Legitimacy of American Judicial Review Article by Johnathan O’Neill, University of London, School of Advanced Studies.

Wake Forest Law Review: Marbury v. Madison and Modern Judicial Review (PDF file) Article by Robert F. Nagel, professor at University of Colorado School of Law.

Virginia Law Review: How Great were the ‘Great’ Marshall Court Decisions? Article by Michael J. Klarman, professor at University of Virginia School of Law.

University of Missouri-Kansas School of Law: Judicial Review: Does the Constitution Give the Supreme Court the Power to Invalidate the Actions of Other Branches

German Law Journal: Two Hundred Years of Marbury v. Madison: The Struggle for Judicial Review of Constitutional Questions in the United States and Europe Article by Wolfgang Hoffmann-Riem, Professor for Public Law, Constitutional Law and Media Law, University of Hamburg.

Journal of Supreme Court History A 2002 issue devoted to Marbury v. Madison and John Marshall.


Marbury v. Madison: The Origins and Legacy of Judicial Review By William Edward Nelson.

Arguing Marbury v. Madison Edited by Mark Tushnet.

The Great Chief Justice: John Marshall and the Rule of Law By Charles F. Hobson.

John Marshall and the Heroic Age of the Supreme Court By R. Kent Newmyer.

John Marshall: Definer of a Nation By Jean Edward Smith.

What Kind of Nation: Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, and the Epic Struggle to Create a United States By James F. Simon.

John Marshall Research Center: Webliography Books and other resources on Marshall.