What Should Congress Do
WEBQUEST: What Should Congress Do?

You are an editorial assistant at the Hartfield Express, a major metropolitan newspaper. The Express has followed the Clinton controversy closely. On its web site, it has even posted links for researching about impeachment. Despite the publicity, the Express has thus far avoided taking a position on the impeachment.

When you arrived at work today, you received a note from the editor saying, "Come to my office immediately." As you enter the office, the editor says, "Close the door behind you." The editor then tells you that the paper must take a position on the Clinton impeachment. As the editor sees it, there are three possible positions:

(1) The Senate should vote to convict and remove Clinton from office.

(2) The Senate should vote against convicting Clinton, but should censure him.

(3) The Senate should neither convict nor censure Clinton. The matter should be dropped.

The editor wants you to write a memo advising which position the Express should take. Before you leave, the editor hands you a piece of paper. The editor explains, "Use this guide for your memo. And remember: We need your memo right away. Get going!"

With these encouraging words, you return to your office to start working. First, you read the guide