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Project Ideas

 Service-Learning Projects You Can Do!!! 

Globe_26.jpgGet together with friends and do a project that helps your community. You're never too young! Here are a few ideas. Send us your ideas  and we can add them to the list.

1. Design a "What community means to me" mural.

2. Take a community observation walk. Think about what you could do to help your community.

3. Do a community clean-up project: clear snow, rake trails, sweep leaves, pick up trash, etc.

4. "Adopt" grandparents at a convalescent home or senior center. Eat lunch with them. Share your artwork. Become pen-pals!

5. Write to your local newspaper about problem you care about.

6. Plant and care for trees at school. Encourage neighborhood planting.

7. Recycle cans, bottles, paper. Take collection sacks on field trips.

8. Make a class waste reduction plan—use the backs of paper, tightly shut off faucets, turn out lights, etc.

9. Hold a toy and book drive for a children's agency.

10. Schedule a canned food drive during a non-holiday month, like February or October.

11. Collect hygiene items for the homeless including toothpaste, toilet paper, and soap. Check with a local shelter for tips!

12. Start a garden at school and deliver fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden to a homeless shelter.

13. Sand and paint school benches and playground equipment.

14. Volunteer in a day care center.

15. Start a tutoring program at your school.

16. Create posters to make others aware of a problem.

17. Sew fabric "Save the Earth" lunch and grocery bags.

18. Sponsor school staff and teacher appreciation activities.

19. Volunteer in the school library and office.

20. Assist shut-ins with household needs and pet care.

21. Be a buddy for a special needs student at school.

22. Design holiday cards for hospital patients.

23. Collect surplus fruit from neighborhood trees for a local shelter.

24. Keep an adopted wall free of graffiti.

25. Paint handicapped parking spaces in the school lot.