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Ancient Greece

CityYouth: Ancient History, Ancient Greece

General | Pericles and Athenian Democracy | Athens Versus Sparta | Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle


Ancient Greece A comprehensive history of ancient Greece. To get started, click on "Contents." From Richard Hooker.

Ancient Greece A wide variety of information about ancient Greece, including history, people, art, and wars. From Universal Artists Inc.

Lectures from the History Guide:

Homer and the Greek Renaissance, 900-600BC

The Athenian Origins of Direct Democracy

Classical Greece, 500-323BC

Greek Thought: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle

From Polis to Cosmopolis: Hellenization and Alexander the Great, 323-30BC

Ancient Greece Lessons for students on Greek geography, Greek city-states, Athens and the women who lived there, and Sparta. From Open School BC.

Ancient Greece A variety of information on the Olympics, Athens, and Corinth. From BBC.

Ancient Greece History Link 101's site has information on a variety of topics on ancient Greece including daily life, art, and maps. From Eric Rymer.

The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization From PBS.

Greece Timeline From

Greece Primary sources from the Internet Ancient History Sourcebook.

Ancient Greece From Chrysalinks.

Ancient Greece Large collection of links to great sites. From Best of History Websites.

Pericles and Athenian Democracy

Greek polis Explains the Greek innovation of the city-state and the type of governments that governed them. From Richard Hooker.

Pericles The text of Pericles' famous funeral oration. From Ancient History Sourcebook

Pericles' Funeral Oration This site breaks down Pericles' funeral oration into segments with analysis of what Pericles was saying. From Janice Siegel.

Pericles A biography of Pericles by Plutarch.

More biographies of Pericles:

Pericles From Compton Encyclopedia.

Pericles From PBS's "The Greeks."

Pericles From Encyclopedia Britannica (11th Edition).

Pericles From The New Calendar of Great Men.

Pericles From the Columbia Encyclopedia.

Pericles From Wikipedia.

Pericles From Infoplease.

Pericles From V.E.K. Sandels.

Pericles Links from Yahoo Directory.

Greek Drama A site devoted to many aspects of ancient Greek theater, such as the origins of theater, construction of amphitheaters, and Greek tragedies. From East Los Angeles College.

Athens Versus Sparta

Peloponnesian War Details the causes and events of the Peloponnesian War, in which Athens battled the Peloponnesian Confederacy. From Laconian Professionals.

Peloponnesian War A summary of the Peloponnesian War between Sparta and Athens. It also includes links to other universities' sites and links to sites on Greek drama. From Indiana University Bloomington.

Athens vs. Sparta A printable chart that compares society and government in Athens and Sparta. From Discovery School.

Comparing Athens and Sparta A lesson comparing the city-states. From Discovery School.

Athens vs. Sparta The story of conflict between Athens and Sparta. From Hendrik van Loon.

Athens vs. Sparta An essay on the governments of Athens and Sparta. From Studyworld.

Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle

From The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

Aristotle--Overview Tells of Aristotle's life and his teachings.



Plato--General Overview Tells of his life and basic teachings.

Plato's Political Philosophy

The Suicide of Socrates, 399 BC Plato describes the execution of Socrates.

Socrates A history of Socrates' life and philosophy. From Richard Hooker.

Socrates A biography of Socrates' life. From LoveToKnow Corp.

Socrates From Catholic Encyclopedia.

Socrates Links from Open Directory Project.

Plato--General Overview Tells of his life and basic teachings. From Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Plato A discussion of Plato's life and works. From Garth Kemerling

Plato A discussion of Plato's life, works, and views on nature. From Prof. Fred Wilson.

Plato Plato's philosophies and works. From Richard Hooker.

More biographies of Plato:

Plato By J J O'Connor and E F Robertson.

Plato By Garth Kemerling.

Plato By Richard Hooker.

Plato From Microsoft Encarta.

Plato Also from Microsoft Encarta.

Plato and Platonism From the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Plato From Blupete.

Plato From Columbia Encyclopedia.

Plato From Malaspina Great Books.

Plato From Wikipedia.

Plato From the Free Online Dictionary of Philosophy.

Plato By Tad Beckman.

Who Is Plato? From the Sophia Project.

About Plato From Classic Notes.

Plato Links from Open Directory Project.

The Republic--An Excerpt A short section on the philosopher-king.

Plato's Republic--Text and Reader's Guide From S. Mayo and M. Russo.

Philosophy Resources on the Internet: Plato Links to many, many resources on Plato. From

Aristotle A history of Aristotle's life and his contributions to science. From University of St. Andrews.

More biographies of Aristotle:

Aristotle From Columbia Encyclopedia.

Aristotle By Richard Hooker.

Aristotle By Blupete.

Aristotle From Malaspina Great Books.

Aristotle By Tad Beckman.

Aristotle From Microsoft Encarta.

Aristotle From Wikipedia.

Aristotle From the Free Online Dictionary of Philosophy.

Aristotle From Catholic Encyclopedia.

Aristotle Links from Open Directory Project.

The Politics--Excerpts Selections from Aristotle's work.

Aristotle's Political Theory From Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Philosophy Resources on the Internet: Aristotle Links to many, many resources on Aristotle. From

Classical Greece A simplified summary, for younger ages, of classical Greece. From History for Kids.


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