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C2C Instructions for Judge and Attorney Volunteer

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Instructions for Judge and Attorney Volunteer

Below are some steps to help prepare yourself for visiting the classroom.

  1. Volunteer for a visit. Use the scheduling tool to sign up for a class you want to work with.

  2. Get in touch with the teacher. Once you select a school, CRF will send a confirmation email to you and the teacher containing contact information. Work with the teacher to schedule the visit.  Don't forget to verify that the school has access to a laptop, screen, and projector, or bring your own for the presentation.

  3. Select a lesson. Work with the teacher to select one of the lessons. Familiarize yourself with the presentations materials and "Judges/Attorneys - Preparing for Your Visit" (PDF). 
  4. Complete program evaluation. After the second visit, complete the online evaluation to provide feedback and documentation.