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BRIA 22 3 The Rule of Law in Dangerous Times

Bill of Rights in Action
Fall 2006 (22:3)

The Rule of Law in Dangerous Times

This issue of Bill of Rights in Action looks at questions of the rule of law in dangerous times. The first article examines how Solon (c. 638–559 B.C.).prevented a civil war in ancient Athens by producing a just code of laws. The second article analyzes the law of seditious libel, meant to protect the government officials from criticism and ridicule, and the famous colonial case of Peter Zenger challenging such laws. The last article explores the current controversy surrounding the National Security Agency’s wiretapping program.

World History: Solon Put Athens on the Road to Democracy

U.S. History: John Peter Zenger and Freedom of the Press

Current Issues: The National Security Agency’s Warrantless Wiretaps

© 2006, Constitutional Rights Foundation, 601 South Kinglsey Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90005 (213) 487-5590 Fax (213) 386-0459

Hon. John A. Kronstadt, President; Publications Committee: Marvin S. Sears, Chairperson;  Katrina M. Dewey, Marshall P. Horowitz, Duian Ogilvie, Gail Migdal Title, Thomas E Patterson, Patrick Rogan, Peggy Saferstein, Paul W.A. Severin, Russell C. Swartz, Douglas A. Thompson, Lois Thompson, Carlton Varner. Staff: Todd Clark, Executive Director; Marshall L. Croddy, Director of Programs; Carlton Martz, Writer; Bill Hayes, Editor; Andrew Costly, Senior Publications Manager; K. Eugene Shutler, CRF Board Reviewer.

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