BRIA 18 2

Bill of Right in Action
Spring 2002 (18:2)


This Bill of Rights in Action contains two articles related to imperialism. It also has one article related to an issue relevant to September 11—U.S. energy policy. The first article examines the 1857 uprising against the British in India. The second article looks at oil and U.S. energy policy, particularly the debate over drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge. The last article examines how Hawaii became a U.S. territory at the turn of the 20th century.

World History: The Great Rebellion of 1857 in India

Current Issue: Oil and National Security

U.S. History: The Debate Over Hawaii and an American Overseas Empire

Officers: Jerome L. Coben, President; Publications Committee: Marvin S. Sears, Chairperson; Gerald Chaleff, Lee S. Edmond, Alice A. Herald, Louis M. Meisinger, Gail Midgal Title, Michael W. Monk, Thomas D. Phelps, Peggy Saferstein, Sandor E. Samuels, Deborah C. Saxe, Lois Thompson, Carlton Varner. Staff: Todd Clark, Executive Director; Marshall L. Croddy, Director of Program and Materials Development; Carlton Martz, Writer; Bill Hayes, Editor; Andrew Costly, Production Manager; Thomas D. Phelps, CRF Board Reviewer.

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