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BRIA 16 2

Bill of Right in Action
Spring 2000 (16:2)

Wealth and Power

This Bill of Rights in Action examines three historical and current issues surrounding wealth and power. The first article looks at King Leopold of the Belgium and his deplorable exploitation of the Congo. The second article explores John D. Rockefeller and the Standard Oil monopoly. The final article examines the antitrust case against the Microsoft Corporation.

World History: King Leopold's "Heart of Darkness"

U.S. History: Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Monopoly

U.S. Government: United States v. Microsoft

Officers: Marjorie S. Steinberg, President; Haley J. Fromholz, Immediate Past-President; Publications Committee: Jerome C. Byrne, Chairperson; Gerald Chaleff, Lee S. Edmond, Patrick J. McDonough, Michael W. Monk, Hon. Margaret M. Morrow, Peggy Saferstein, Deborah S. Saxe, Marvin Sears, Lois Thompson, Carlton Varner. Staff: Todd Clark, Executive Director; Marshall L. Croddy, Director of Program and Materials Development; Carlton Martz, Writer; Bill Hayes, Editor; Andrew Costly, Production Manager; Deborah S. Saxe, CRF Board Reviewer.
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