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Asia McLain

mclain_asia2Asia McLain

Comedy Development/Fox Broadcasting Company

“CRF’s programs helped me develop responsibility and accountability, tools that are integral parts of both the college and post-college worlds.”

Asia participated in both Mock Trial and the Youth Internship Program (now Expanding Horizons Internships) from 2000–2002. She said Mock Trial was not only for students who wanted to become lawyers, but that it helped all those who took part to “develop solid investigative, personal presentation, and public speaking skills, which are useful in any career.”

Her paid internship at the law firm of Proskauer Rose LLP was her very first job. Asia says, “It helped me to learn how to develop a mature work ethic, how to be proactive in my learning experience, and what behavior and responsibilities are expected in a healthy workplace.” She said the Youth Internship Program allowed her and her fellow interns to connect with adults working in the field of their choice, and that they received “valuable career counseling and advice to help us work toward our goals, as well as practical work experience and exposure.”

“I highly recommend both programs to high school students,” says Asia.

Asia went on to the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, from which she graduated in 2006.

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