Chapter 6
Active Citizenship Today, Chapter 6: Tools and Techniques

Brainstorming | Telephoning | Interviewing | The Basics of Persuasion | Speaking in Public | Creating Leaflets, Fliers, and Handouts | Designing Posters and Signs | Writing Letters | Thank-You Letters | Letters to the Editor | Letters to Officials | Letter-Writing Campaigns | Petitioning | E-Mail and Telephone Campaigns | Lobbying | Creating News Releases | Writing PSAs | Opinion Polls and Surveys | Holding a Panel Discussion | Grants | Other Fund Raising | Conducting Meetings | Resolving Group Conflicts


Brainstorming--Generating many radical ideas From Mind Tools.

Brainstorming From San Mateo County Office of Education.

Brainstorming Instructions for brainstorming, variations on it, how to find solutions from the brainstorming session, and the basics of decision making. By Donald Clark.

Step by Step Guide to Brainstorming From

Process Guide #1: Brainstorming By Dan McDowell, Triton and Patterns Projects, San Diego Unified School District.

Brainstorming From Teaching Clinical Psychology, John Suler, Ph.D., Rider University.

Brainstorm Graphic Organizers From Write Design Online.

Brainstorming From Amnesty International.

Idea Generation Methods Explanation of many idea generation methods. From Martin Leith.


Ten TIPs (Techniques, Ideas and Processes) for Telephone Qualifying Success By Ron S. La Vine, MBA. From Business Know-How.

Telephone Tips From CUCS Employment Resources.


Process Guide #6: Interview Techniques By Dan McDowell, Triton and Patterns Projects, San Diego Unified School District.

The Basics of Persuasion

3 Ways to Persuade From Knowledge News.

The Art of Persuasion By Mortimer Adler. Ph.D.

Aristotle & Persuasion From the Doyle Online Writing Lab, Reed College.

Aristotle in the 21st Century By Daniel Kies, Department of English, College of DuPage.

Persuasion, according to Aristotle Part of a slide show by Celia Elliott, Department of Physics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaigne.

The Art of Rhetoric: Learning How to Use the Three Main Rhetorical Styles From Writing to the World Wide Web.

Process Guide #8: Persuasive Arguments By Dan McDowell, Triton and Patterns Projects, San Diego Unified School District.

Speaking in Public

Public Speaking Website From Allyn & Bacon.

Virtual Presentation Assistant From Communication Studies Department, University of Kansas.

How to Organize the Body of A Speech By Marie Wallace.

Public Speaking From ETU, South Africa.

Public Speaking From PetaIndia.

Creating Leaflets, Fliers, and Handouts

How to Do Leaflets, Newsletters & Newspapers An online book by Nancy J. Brigham, UAW Local 1981, Detroit, Michigan with one chapter on leaflets.

How to Write a Leaflet From PressureWorks.

Making and Distributing Leaflets From PetaIndia

Designing Posters and Signs

How to Make a Great Poster By Dina F. Mandoli, University of Washington, Department of Botany.

Guide to Making Posters & Pamphlets From ETU, South Africa.

Writing Letters

The Basic Business Letter From OWL Online Writing Lab.

Letter Elements

Writing an Effective Business Letter From

Formal Letters From

How to Write a Business Letter By Alice Feathers, M.A. TESOL.

Parts of a Business Letter From Ohio Academy of Science.

Friendly and Business Letter Formats From Margaret Brent Middle School.

Sample Business Letters From

Writing business letters--Useful phrases From Speakspeak.

Thank-You Letters

10+ Thank You Letter Samples From Susan Ireland Resumes.

Sample Thank You Letter--Formal From JobWeb.

Sample Thank You Letter--Informal From JobWeb.

Career Thank You Letters From QC.

Letters to the Editor

How to write a letter to the editor From Bread for the World.

How to Write a Letter to the Editor From Rainforest Action Network.

Tips on Writing Letters to the Editor From ACLU.

How to Write a Letter to the Editor From eHow

Letters to Officials

Writing Letters to Members of Congress From Bread for the World

How to Write a Letter to Your Elected Officials From

Write a Powerful Letter Tips from the Sierra Club.

Writing Letters to Elected Officials Links to various sites. From Kentridge High School Library Online.

Letter-Writing Campaigns

Letter-Writing Campaigns: The Essential Grassroots Action From American Medical Student Association.


Petitions: The Fast and Easy From American Medical Student Association.

The Petition Site Create an online petition. It is an environmentalist site, but says it will accept petitions on any side of an issue.

iPetitions Another online petition site.

E-Mail and Telephone Campaigns

Telephone Campaigns: The #1 Most Effective Activist Technique From American Medical Student Association.


Tips for Successful Legislative Meetings From American Planning Association.

Tips for Meetings With Elected Officials From American Postal Workers Union.

How to Lobby From PressureWorks. This is a British group, but the basic ideas are the same.

Lobbying From ETU, South Africa.

Lobbying Tips From American Medical Student Association.

Creating News Releases

Press Release Writing Tips From

How to Write a Press Release From PressureWorks.

Writing News Releases & PSAs From University of Florida, Media Relations Training.

How to Write a Press Release From Amnesty International.

How to get media attention From Youth in Action Network.

Writing PSAs

How to Write a PSA From the League of American Bicyclists.

Media Relations--How to write a Public Service Announcement (PSA) From Carleton University, Canada.

How to Write Public Service Announcements From the PRW Newsletter.

Opinion Polls and Surveys

20 Questions a Journalist Should Ask About Poll Results From the National Council on Public Polls.

Sample Survey on Community Problems PDF File

Holding a Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion Checklist PDF File


Pay It Forward Mini-grants

Youth Venture An organization that offers up to $1,000 to young people (ages 12-20) to begin

a "youth-created, youth-led organization designed to provide a positive lasting benefit in a school, neighborhood, or large community."

Do Something Grants Do Something awards $500 grants to people age 18 and under who identify problems in their communities and create plans to do something to change their world.

Youth Service America: Awards & Grants A listing of available grants for service learning.

Foundation Center Great site for finding grants from corporations and foundations.

Grants and Awards for Implementing Service-Learning Projects From National Education Association.

Other Fund Raising

Fundraiser Help Fund-raising ideas and resources.

Fundraising From Creative Action.

Fundraising From PETA India.

How to Organise an Event From PressureWorks (yes, they're British).

Conducting Meetings

Effective Meetings--Tips From Meeting Wizard.

Ten Tips for a More Effective Meeting By Marianne Reynolds, California State University Sacramento Library.

Better Meetings From Kangan Batman TAFE.

Process Guide #2. Building Consensus By Dan McDowell, Triton and Patterns Projects, San Diego Unified School District.

How to Facilitate Meetings From Amnesty Internatioanl.

Resolving Group Conflicts

Conflict Resolution Skills: 12 Skills Summary From Conflict Resolution Network.

Methods for Developing Skills From the online book Psychological Self-Help. See especially Conflict Resolution Skills.

Conflict Resolution From the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center.