Chapter 4
Active Citizenship Today, Chapter 4: Examining Options

Some Project Ideas | Getting Community Support

Some Project Ideas

Youth Activism: Success Stories Stories of successful youth projects grouped under categories such as alcohol & drugs; animals & the environment; bikes, cars, & traffic; discrimination & racism; education & schools; emotional health & stress; recreation & youth services; smoking & chewing tobacco, teen sexuality; violence; and voting.

Service Learning Project Ideas From Maryland Service Learning Alliance.

Charity's Youth Movement Profiles of young people working to help their communities.

101 Youth-Led Service-learning Projects From Teens, Crime and the Community.

Community Service Projects Environmental project ideas. From EPA.

Watershed Action: Service-Learning Projects More environmental project ideas. From Center for Global Environmental Education.

Service-Learning Project Ideas Based on these subject areas:Art, Child Development, Diversity, English, Environmental, Food Sciences, Foreign Languages, Gardening, Government, Health and Safety, Halloween History, Math, Physical Education, Rural Service-Learning, Science, September 11th, Social Studies, Special Education, Technology, Theater, and Veteran's Day. From the Pennsylvania Service-Learning Alliance.

101 Ideas For Combining Service & Learning College-level service-learning projects.

Getting Community Support

Getting Community Support PDF File An expanded version of what is in the Field Guide.