Chapter 1
Active Citizenship Today, Chapter 1: Exploring Your Community

Sixty-Minute Search | Creating a Statistical Profile|

Sixty-Minute Search

A9 Maps Has street-level pictures of many major cities. You can see online what is on each side of the street.

MapQuest Get a map of your community. Enter the ZIP Code or the name of the city.

Yahoo Maps

Google Maps Regular and satellite photo maps.


SimCity The simulation game.

Creating a Statistical Profile

 American FactFinder Put in the ZIP Code or name of city, county, and state and you will get an incredible number of statistics. From U.S. Census Bureau.

City and County Data Book PDF files of latest statistics from the Census Bureau.

Compare Two Cities You can compare such factors as population, tax rate, crime rate, and average household expenditure. From

Compare Cities Pick two cities and find more than 50 statistics on demographics, cost of living indexes, schools, degree holders, crime, housing, economy, health, and climate. From MSN House & Home.

Neighborhood Places Enter ZIP Code and get 100 statistics on it. From Sterling's BestPlaces.

City-Data An incredible amount of data on all U.S. cities.

MapStats Statistical profiles of states, counties, cities, congressional districts, and federal judicial districts. From FedStats.

Uniform Crime Reports The FBI's collection of reported crimes. Scroll down and click on the year you want to see and then choose from "By Metropolitan Statistical Area," "Offenses Known to Law Enforcement, by City 10,000 and over in Population," "By City under 10,000 in Population," "By Non-metropolitan County under 25,000 in Population."

Police Department Crime Statistics Locator Links to the crime statistics web pages of the police departments in the 25 largest metropolitan areas and a few smaller departments that post crime statistics.

International, State, County, & Local Area Statistics Find statistics on agriculture, crime, demographics and economics, education, energy and environment, health, and labor. From FedStats.

ZIP Code Look Up Find ZIP Codes. From U.S. Postal Service.