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Three bucks for Bill of Rights in Action? Why not?


We are proud to bring you Bill of Rights in Action (BRIA) four times a year . . . free of charge! We also know you, our loyal readers, love the rich and interactive lessons in every issue.

We’ve been publishing Bill of Rights in Action for over four decades, and we won’t stop now.

Wouldn’t you like to pitch in $3 to help us keep BRIA coming to your mailbox? That’s right, we’re only asking for a $3 tax-deductible donation, which may seem small. But to us, it’s huge!

So, why not?


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Donate Offline

Make checks payable to Constitutional Rights Foundation, or we can bill your credit card. Click here to download donation form.

Mail form to: 

Bill of Rights in Action
Constitutional Rights Foundation
601 South Kingsley Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90005

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